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Multinational Companies with Headquarters in Barcelona

Written by Laura

Barcelona excels when it comes to technological development, and large multinational companies know it. In the last year, there have been multiple multinationals that have decided to set up in Barcelona and its surrounding areas.

The offices with the cheapest rent, the competitive salaries and the abundance of qualified and talented personnel aren’t the only reasons that these multinational companies choose the Ciudad Condal as their new homebase; the city’s strategic location, the great communications and the quality of life offered in the area all factors for companies to keep in consider when choosing a place to set up headquarters.

Today in this article from ShBarcelona, we’ve prepared a breakdown of the main multinationals in Barcelona.

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Barcelona’s multinational powerhouses

Photo via Pixabay

At the beginning of this year, Facebook announced its installation at one of the most emblematic buildings in Barcelona; Mark Zuckerberg decided that Torre Agbar was the perfect spot to place his center of operations for fighting against fake news, with over 500 workers at this location. There are also a number of people in the video game sector that have their eye on Barcelona.

For example, King, the large game developer, has chosen the 22@ zone as the place to set up their European headquarters. This multinational tech company, which is responsible for the creation of addicting mobile games like Candy Crush, will take up a 9,000 square meter building space, currently being built by Colonial. The multinational King company will be neighbors with Schibsted, the Norwegian group that owns Infojobs.

While we’re on the topic of video games, IGG is the second Chinese developer that has chosen southern Spain as the spot for their headquarters. After considering a number of different cities, IGG opted for Barcelona as the best option for their European location.

There are 60 people working there as of the end of the year, but the goal is to reach around 400 employees. The large festival events celebrated in Barcelona such as the Mobile Word Congress, the Smart City Expo and the IoT Solutions World Congress have all helped to launch the Catalan capital into international renown.

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Photo by swanksalot via VisualHunt

The North American multinational Amazon has also chosen Barcelona for its headquarters. The company’s most important logistics center in Europe can be found at el Prat de Llobegrat, with a 60,000 square meter area and over 1,500 employees.

This tech giant also ended up choosing the Ciudad Condal for their artificial intelligence center. With Amazon’s location in 22@, the company is situated next to many other companies in the technology sector; for example, another famous company that chose this multicultural and tech-heavy city for their headquarters is the Argentinean multinational Satellogic, which specializes in production of high-resolution image micro-satellites.

Aside from technology, there are a number of other sectors that have decided to set up shop in Barcelona; for example, the insurance company Zurich, food giant Nestlé, the pharmaceutical company Roche and the German company Lidl which can be found in Plaza Cataluña in the former BBVA headquarters building. Close to the city of Barcelona in Martorell, you can also find the Volkswagen headquarters, which relies on the Seat factory for the manufacture of some of its newer models.

Did you know Barcelona was a headquarter city for multinational companies?


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