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Anortec, Global Engineering

Written by Vicky York

Founded in 1970, the Anortec Group offers a wide range of products and services accompanied by their expert knowledge in engineering and decades of experience. Their headquarters are based in Barcelona and the company works in many different areas from designing and producing engineering projects in the aviation sector, to technical engineering projects such as wave powered energy systems. As well as producing products, Anortec also maintains and repairs machinery in the defence sector, and also has two brands in a line of heating products, Traforart and Heimdall.

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Photo by Anortec

Anortec Manufacturing produces products for its own internal groups as well as external companies such as Thyssen, Bkool and GMS. Anortec has been manufacturing canopies and folding doors for airports for over ten years. In that time they have worked on projects across the world including Terminal T5 at Heathrow airport in London, as well as various other international projects in Abu Dhabi and Rio de Janiero.

Maintenance and Overhaul

Anortec Maintenance and Overhaul uses their experience in engineering to specialise in modernising, maintaining and recovering armoured vehicles. Anortec organises teams as well as providing the right tools in order to improve the maintenance processes of armoured vehicles. Since 1985, Anortec has designed, developed and put into operation several recovery machinery for caterpillar track vehicles for different armies. Some of their major projects include recovering the links of armoured tracks in military vehicles for the Spanish army.

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Traforart and Heimdall

Photo by Anortec

Anortec not only works on large international projects, but also has a line of heating products for your home with their two brands, Traforart and Heimdall. Although Barcelona is not especially known for its cold weather, Anortec has developed high quality design metal fireplaces and pellet stoves. Traforart is a brand which offers a wide range of fireplaces that are sure to suit your needs. And Anortec’s other brand Heimdall produces pellet stoves with a modern design to add a touch of class, as well as warmth to your home.

Anortec covers a wide variety of engineering and manufacturing services and solutions in the aviation and military sector. From their many years of experience, they are able to offer professional expertise to many international clients to provide an exceptional product and service.

* Main photo by Anortec

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