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How to Find Work in Barcelona

Written by Damien

Living in such a dynamic and beautiful city as Barcelona will be a dream for many people. There are some lucky people who are given the opportunity to live in the capital of the Catalan region of Spain either through a predetermined job vacancy or moved to the city in order to study.

Most people who move to Barcelona will be in need of finding a place to work. In order to achieve that goal the more talents and skills that they have at their disposal will make the job easier.

Before really testing the job market, someone who really wants to live in Barcelona needs to find themselves a place to live. There are plenty of good apartments to rent in Barcelona and the best place to find them is at ShBarcelona. Even finding a temporary rent apartment in Barcelona for just a few weeks can be the answer, and one thing for sure is that ShBarcelona will be happy to help.

Those days, most potential employers are reluctant to hire someone who does not have a permanent address, or will only move to the city on condition that they are given a specific job. Employers simply don’t want that kind of responsibility, so if you want to really live in Barcelona you have to make a commitment to putting a roof over your head, even if it is only temporary.

Once the issue of accommodation has been taken care of the next step is to narrow down what kind of job you would like to be in the city and what talents you can bring to the interview table. It goes without saying that finding a job in Barcelona will be so much easier if you can speak Spanish and even more so if you can speak Catalan.

Being bilingual, trilingual and even quarto-lingual will make a major difference as there are a large number of international companies whose head office is situated in Barcelona. If you are limited in your language skills there are a number of businesses in Barcelona that are run by expatriates from a number of countries, will be looking for employees who speak their native language, which can be English, French, Italian or Portuguese.

Looking for job leads can be challenging if you don’t know your way around the city or the Internet. However those who do will find that there are magazines for expatriates living in Barcelona printed in most European languages as well as websites, such as Craigslist, where 20 of job opportunities are advertised.

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