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The 6 Essentials To Starting A Business In Barcelona

The 6 Essentials To Starting A Business In Barcelona
Written by Allison

Barcelona bar stools original chairFor those looking to work in Barcelona including the setting up of their own business the Spanish Government’s State Department For Trade Of The Ministry Of Industry now offer an English language website. Here they offer you a step by step guide to help you go through the process of setting up and starting a business in Spain.

In this article we offer up some advice about what is required to set up a Limited Liability Company that then allows you to run a business in Barcelona, but we still recommend that you seek the necessary professional advice as well before you start the process.

1.  Obtain Certificate From Mercantile Register

This certificate is known as the Certificado Negativo de Nombre and which confirms that the proposed name for your company has not already been registered. Visit the Mercantile Register’s website ( so you can see what names already have been registered to ensure that the one you wish to use hasn’t been taken and then submit your chosen name to it.

2. Obtain Your Provisional Company Tax Identification Code

You will need to get the CIF from the Delegación de Hacienda (Tax Office). In order to apply for this you need to provide them with the certificate from the Mercantile Register for your company name along with your passport or residency permit. Plus you need to provide an address for where your company is to be based.

3. Open A Bank Account

This is a very vital part of any business structure in Barcelona, and must be opened in the name of your company. Once opened you must deposit into the account a minimum of €3,000.06 and request a Certificado del Desembolso Efectuado (Deposit Certificate). This is required so that it can be then handed to the notary when the business you are setting up is formally incorporated and will then allow your get your permanent CIF.

4. Sign Deed Of Incorporation

All partners in the company as part of legal issues surrounding business and finance in Barcelona are required to sign the Escritura de Constitución (Deed Of Incorporation) before a notary. To be able to complete this aspect of setting up your business you need to present the notary with your business name certificate, your provisional CIF and the certificate from the bank showing the amount deposited into the account.

escritura5. Pay Asset Transfer Tax

You are required to pay this at the local tax office and will be a total of 1% of the capital invested by you and your partners in the company. It is important to remember that this sum must be paid within 30 days of the deed of incorporation being signed. When paying this sum you must also present the deed of incorporation along with the CIF.

6. Register Your Company

This is done at the Mercantile Registry and in order to complete this aspect of your business set up you need to provide them with the deed of incorporation, proof that the transfer tax has been paid and of course the certificate that shows your company name has been legally registered.

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Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain her home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Barcelona has to offer.

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  • Hello, do you know, how much I will pay for open company in Barcelona? How much I spend for all licences? Thank you.

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