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Short term rental in Barcelona

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*Free for children less than 3 years old, disposing of their own cradle.
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  • What is a Short term rental of a tourist flat?
    A short term or touristic flat is a totally equipped and furnished flat where you just have to bring your luggage and good mood.
  • It is rented under the 'all inclusive'
    System: the amenities and agency fees are already included in the price, and the deposit is between 150 € and 300 € . Although there are different categories of flats, we guarantee our guests as a basic offer a flat of their own (it is never shared) with its bathroom, equipped kitchen, living room and bedroom. It is an excellent alternative to hotel for those who prefer to live the real local life, and the best solution for newcomers before they find their definitive accommodation. A short term flat.
  • What is a mid-term flat rental?
    A mid-term flat is a totally furnished and equipped flat that you can rent from 2 to 11 months. It does not include amenities or agency fees, and requires a guarantee of a two-month deposit.
  • Which one am I to choose a short or a mid-term flat rental?
    If you are here for more than one month, you often can choose between both solutions. If choose a short term flat, the price per day will be higher but the security deposit is very small and is returned the very same day of your check-out, and there is no solvency study. Also, you don't have to bother about anything, as everything is included. A middle term flat will have a much lower price per day, but you'll have to pay at least a 2-month deposit, maybe more depending on the solvency study made on your case, and it will only be returned once we receive the bills of amenities.
  • What is included in the price?
    Touristic flat: The price is given for the number of nights you spend in the flat and the number of persons who will stay in the flat. It includes all amenities: water, gas, electricity, internet when available (check the icon), bed linen, towels, and all the equipment shown on the icons. You have to add cleaning, which depends on the flat and sometimes on the number of guests. The extras you may meet are late check-in/early check out, VAT if you pay the balance in bank wire or VISA (only when available; check with us), VISA commission if you pay at the agency through VISA (2%). Check our extra paragraph.
  • Which flat do you offer for my stay?
    You can check the available flats in our web page, entering in the search box your arrival and departure day, as well as the number of guests, and in the new version of the page, you may choose more filters. (upper-right part of the page) Than just give it to the 'search' button and you'll see the list of flats to choose from. In case you need help, do not hesitate to ask us, just press 'more information'.
  • How do I book a flat?
    Enter your arrival and departure date and the number of people in the cases (up right), and press 'search'. You'll then have the list of available flats for your stay. Once you have made your choice, you can book online in a secure and fast way, pressing 'book now'. You'll be asked for personal details, then directed to the secured bank site where you will be able to pay with your VISA/AMEX. In case you prefer to book directly with us, you can send us a mail or call us (press 'more information')
  • How can I make sure my flat is booked?
    Once you have booked online, you receive an automatic mail from us saying you booked the flat; this means your flat is booked. In a second step, you receive a contract with all the information for your check-in. In very exceptional cases it can happen that you booked the flat at the same time as someone else, or we experiment technical problem with the flat and cannot accommodate you in it. In such cases we always do our best to offer you an upgrade that is a better flat at the same price. See our 'cancelation' paragraph.
  • When can I check-in?
    The official hour for check-in is from 3pm to 7pm If you arrive before 4 pm, check with the contact person the day before if we you can enter earlier. No check-in will be done before 12a.m. During office opening hours, we'll be happy to keep your luggage so that you can begin enjoying the city. If the office is closed, we'll provide you with a list of luggage lockers in town. Check-in after 8p.m is charged with an extra fee, see our extras chart down below in page 5. The official time for checking out is between 9a.m and 12a.m. If you need to check out later, check with us if it is possible. If not, and during office opening hours, we will keep your luggage for free at the agency. If the office is closed, we'll provide you with a list of luggage lockers in town as we referred to before. If you need to check out before 9am, please consult us before your arrival so that we can offer you a solution to avoid you the early check-out extra fee. (see extras paragraph)
  • How do I get the keys?
    In most cases we welcome you at the flat and deliver you the keys once the balance is paid. On your contract you will have the check-in contact that you have to call once arrived in Barcelona before arriving at the flat; to avoid you waiting, we highly recommend you to call us from the airport, train station or last pay toll on the motorway. In case your check-in contact should not answer, you always have an emergency number. It is very important that we know at what time you plan to arrive, and that you keep us informed in case of delay, as only the guests on time in our planning are assured of being attended to without having to wait.
  • Does the flat have lift/internet/air con?
    You can check the equipment of the flat thanks to the icons. The agency is not responsible in case the lift or the air con is out of order, but we will always do our best to find a suitable solution and guarantee your comfort.
  • Do I have to clean the flat?
    We want you to spend a nice holiday, that's why we ask for a cleaning fee so we can do the housework ourselves after your departure; nevertheless, we count on your goodwill to leave us a flat in the good general condition you found it upon arrival, and follow basic hygienic rules during your stay in the flat. You are asked to leave the flat free of garbage and of dirty plates. However a fee of 50 € is asked in every case as part of our policy.
  • Will I get back my deposit? When?
    The refundable deposit is just asked in case you break something in the flat or have an unacceptable behaviour. Usually our guests are good people with good manners and the deposit therefore the fee in such cases is fully refunded. The deposit is refunded upon your departure or immediately after it but never before you turned in the keys, as we need to check the flat after you have vacated it in order for us to fully refund you.
  • May I smoke in the flat?
    Some flats are non-smoking, and generally we encourage you to smoke outside for which we will be grateful, to make sure that all our guests will have a nice smelling place during their stay.
  • May I bring my pet?
    Some flats allow pets, please consult with us before bringing your pet.
  • Are parties allowed in the flat?
    Parties are not allowed in the flat, because you will be living in a building with other neighbours who go to work early in the morning, and they wish for their quietness to be respected. There are thousands of places where you can go party in Barcelona, we'll be happy to give you some tips depending on your preferences and taste. In case the neighbours complain about noise during the night-time hours (10pm-9a.m during the week and 12p.m-9a.m on Week ends), your neighbours may call the police and they may ask you to leave the apartment immediately, you would then lose your deposit and the remaining days of your stay, and you might also have to pay an expensive fine for the nuisance caused straight to the police.
  • Will the flat be shared with other guests?
    The answer is no. You rent the whole flat, with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms described on our web page, the equipped kitchen, the living room and so on. You will just share it with your friends or family.
  • Are there any extras to be paid upon arrival?
    When you book the flat, you are given the gross price and the cleaning fees. The only extras you may have to meet are:
    - Late check-in: if you arrive out of office hours, you will be charged from 20 € to 50 €
    - Early check-out: If you need to leave the flat before 9a.m (10 a.m in week ends) and you left a deposit in cash, you will be offered two solutions:
    - Paying an extra (from 20 € to 50 € )
    - Giving us your bank details so that we can send it back to you by wire.
    Ask us if there are other solutions before your arrival date.
    - Only when available, if you want to pay the balance in a different way than in cash, you will have to add 16% VAT to the balance.
    - If there is no internet in your flat and you need it, we provide you with an 'Internet everywhere' USB key; the extra amount to be paid will depend on the length of your stay.
  • What does the cleaning include? Is it compulsory?
    Cleaning fees are compulsory because we believe you are here to relax, and because we all have different cleaning standards. It allows us to make sure the flat will be ready to welcome you, and in case you would not be satisfied, we can have the cleaning lady come again. They include
    - The preparation of the flat (general cleaning of bathroom, kitchen, dust?)
    - The bed linen and towels laundry (1 set per week and person/bed)
  • Items that are not included, and charged as an extra at the end of your stay are:
    - Cleaning your dishes
    - Throwing your garbage
    - Stains that can't be cleaned in a normal way (on sofas, for instance, or blood/coffee/tea/ink stains)

    - extra bed linen: 10 €
    - Extra towel: 5 €
    - Each bag of garbage: 5 €
    - Each dish to wash: 5 € (If it can't be cleaned you pay the price of the dish)
    - Sofa cleaning: 70 €
  • When/how do I pay the balance?
    The balance has to be paid upon your arrival in cash. In case you want to pay in any other way, please ask us before booking the flat, we'll check what can be done.
  • Can I bring more guests than reflected in the booking?/can I invite other people in the flat?
    The booking is done for a determined number of guests; some flats have the capacity for more, in which case there is no problem, you just have to pay the extra corresponding to the additional guest. Some other flats cannot admit more guests than the ones on the booking, in this case we are very sorry but your additional friends will not be able to stay in the flat. In all cases, we invite you to consult with us before your arrival, so that we can organise the flat or help you find a suitable solution to meet with your needs. Non-declared guests in the flat will have as a consequence the immediate departure of the flat for all the guests with no compensation and the loss of the deposit and the remaining days.
  • Can I change the booking dates?
    If you need an extension and the flat is available, we'll be happy to welcome you for more days. If you need to shorten your stay, this is like a cancelation, please report to the cancelation paragraph.
  • Cancelation policy:
    In case that you wish to cancel your booking:

    -If you inform us about this fact 30 days or more in advance before your check-in date, you will be charged 50% of the down-payment as a cancelation fee.
    -If you inform us about this fact within less that 30 days before your check-in date, that will exclusively imply the loss of your down payment.

    If the flat you booked is unavailable for an exceptional reason (technical problem): We will always offer you another solution, and do our best to offer you a better flat; in case you don't accept our solution, you'll be fully refunded with the total amount you paid.
  • Are the flats baby/kids friendly?
    If you come with kids, we're happy to invite one of them, if he or she is under 5 years of age.
    If you need special equipment (bay cot, high chair), please consult with us, in most cases it is possible with a little extra (30 € )
  • Can I have a discount?
    Our system calculates automatically discounts from 1 week stays, but in special cases (last minute deal, in stays over 1 month) we might be able to give you an extra discount. Please consult with us.
  • Can you offer airport pick-up?
    We collaborate with a concierge shuttle company that can offer you all kind of services, we'll be happy to give you their contact details.
  • Can you offer a maid or extra cleaning during our stay?
    We can offer you extra cleaning at the price of 13 € /h. Our concierge collaborator can offer you a maid, please ask us for the contact.
  • Can you offer catering?
    We collaborate with a concierge catering company that can offer you all kind of services, we will be happy to give you their contact details.
  • Do you have flats for large groups?
    Some of our flats are gathered in the same building, you can rent various flats in the same building. Check our 'Groups' flats or contact with us.
  • I'm not happy with the flat I booked, can I change?
    We provide our guests with all the information on the flat, and make our best to offer pictures that reflect its reality. We are also happy to help our guests in their choice when they ask us. In case there would be a misinformation, we would offer our guests another solution. However in the rest of the cases, the guest is responsible for the choice he or she has made.
  • Will someone attend me in case of problem in the flat?
    You can call us during working hours for all kind of questions, and you will be provided with a telephone number in case of emergency out of office hours. Please take note that out of office hours it is only for emergencies (flood, fire, locksmith or robbery?). All the other possible problems will be fixed during working hours.
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