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Why Join Barcelona’s Startup Scene?

Written by Mario

If you mention Barcelona, most people will think of the holiday perks like the climate, beaches, and parties. But did you know that Barcelona has a unique business environment as well? In fact, Barcelona is home to a budding startup scene that is starting to gain worldwide recognition.

Overflowing with creativity

Photo via Pexels

Throughout history, Barcelona has been a place of artistic minds. From gorgeous architecture to cool street art, Barcelona is full of creativity, always ready to play the part of the muse and inspire locals and visitors alike.

But why is this important for an entrepreneur? Because inspiration awaits in every corner of the city, helping to boost their creativity and to fill their heads with new and exciting ideas for their business.

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Affordable Lifestyle and Work Force

In case you’re an entrepreneur looking to relocate, you should know that the prices have increased due to the touristic demand but that the cost of living remains fairly affordable. One can survive comfortably on a budget under 1000€ per month.

Thanks to the numerous universities, there are many bright minds in the city. This, combined with the affordable lifestyle provides a fresh flow of highly qualified labor in Barcelona. Additionally, the low minimum salary makes it possible to hire on the cheap.

For an aspiring entrepreneur and someone looking to relocate these factors create an ideal situation to support your startup!

A variety of excellent coworking spaces

Some of the people who want to start a business or entrepreneurs who work remotely do not have enough capital to invest in opening their own office or the type of business they have and the way they operate it do not justify the renting of a space all of their own. This is where another great perk Barcelona has comes in. The city offers a wide variety of coworking spaces, with new ones popping all over the city every year. Some of the most interesting coworking spaces you can currently find in Barcelona are:

Makers of Barcelona

Photo via Pexels

Commonly referred to as MOBMakers of Barcelona is one of the most popular coworking spaces in the city, offering one thousand square meters of space in a venue that used to operate as a textile factory in the district of Eixample.

Location: Carrer de Bailèn, 11


If you want to work in the district of Gràcia, then Betahaus is one of the best choices for you. This gorgeous two thousand square meter coworking space has six floors, five terraces, and a makers area. Due to its popularity, it may be hard to find an available coworking space at Betahouse, so if you are interested, pay them a visit as soon as you can and ask if they still have a spot available for you.

Location: Carrer de Vilafranca, 7

Valkiria Hub Space

Valkiria Hub Space is a one thousand five hundred square meter coworking space in the peaceful neighborhood of Poblenou. The venue’s objective is to create a community of innovators, regardless of them being companies, freelancers, organizations, or entrepreneurs. Valkiria Hub Space has private and shared workspaces, eight meeting rooms, a large room for events, and a restaurant.

Location: Carrer de Pujades, 126


If you are looking for a more chilled, natural vibe, than Garden may just be the answer to your prayers. This coworking space is filled with plants, which helps those working inside have the feeling that they are actually in contact with nature. Garden also hosts a variety of events, workshops, and exhibitions.

Location: Carrer Planeta, 12

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Gateway between Europe to America

Photo via Pexels

There is a global interest in Barcelona. One might go so far as to say that Barcelona is the gateway between America and Europe. This is largely thanks to the Mobile World Congress and 4YFN, which have promoted an increasing interest in international startups in Barcelona.

From the US, there is the Founder Institute, an incubator that only graduates candidates once they have formed a successful startup. Another one is Startup Grind, powered by Google, which helps to showcase startup success stories with monthly fireside talks with local CEOs.

A recent newcomer from Paris is The Family, a unique startup incubator which focuses on providing education to help entrepreneurs in Europe to succeed.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or want to expand your startup, Barcelona just might be the perfect place for you!

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About the author


Mario is a multi-talented Swiss raised in NY, currently living in Barcelona. He is pursuing a career as a maker and tech educator, which merges his love of technology and education.

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