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5 successful businesses in Spain and Barcelona

Written by Adriana

With the lack of employment in Spain seems that the only solution is to create your own company taking advantage of a specific market niche and trying to grow within it with a solid and innovative project or idea. The Spanish government is far from approving all necessary structural measures to promote this and make it a simple process, but hopefully these changes in the law will be done gradually.

Undoubtedly, being an entrepreneur is now a trend and everyone is talking about it, but they have always been employers (as they used to call those brave who invested all their time and effort into an idea) working to expand their business, with surprising results, and becoming paradigmatic examples of successful cases.

In Spain and in Barcelona there are several of them; companies that have a name within the national and international market and have grown from SME’s to be huge companies with hundreds of employees and offices in several countries. One of ShBarcelona‘s mission is to promote startups and new companies, so in this article, we will talk about these examples of success in which you can focus on if you are starting a new business.

Local inhabitants of Barcelona are very aware of the Moritz case. Moritz Factory opened in the city center, where they serve tapas and gourmet dishes at very affordable prices and always accompanied with the famous beer. It’s strange to see this place’s doors empty of people, as there is always a line of customers waiting for a table. The customer service is excellent, always served by well-trained waiters in uniform who complete the Moritz concept in the best way possible. Moritz recently opened the store, next to the restaurant, and also a franchise business opened at the Born Cultural Center. An example of success with a good communication and marketing strategy, and fun events sponsored and organized by Moritz brand. Everybody noticed this success and is a example to follow.

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The huge success of Inditex Group, led by one of the world’s wealthiest Spaniards, Amancio Ortega, has experienced an international expansion with numerous shops and clothing brands with different lines according to the target in every city on the planet. But don’t forget that in 1963 this businessman from La Coruña (Galicia) was an entrepreneur who decided to open a clothing store, which in 1975 became the first Zara and you know about what came after that.

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Another Catalan company that stands out as a case of success is Privalia, founded in 2006 by Lucas Carné and José Manuel Villanueva. This online outlet already spread to Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and Germany and invoice 422 million per year. Carné suggests to “be conservative with money before making new financing rounds” and “have the appropriate legal advice to avoid surprising facts”. Listen to the wise pieces of advice of those who have been entrepreneurs and are now beginning to get benefits from it.

eDreams began in 1999 as a small online travel agency and today belongs to the ODIGEO group, a leading travel agency in Europe and the fifth in the world, with more than 4,000 million euros of benefits every year. Mauricio Prieto was one of its founders in Silicon Valley and one of those who helped it to be settled in Barcelona. He believes that the success of this online agency lies in being the first in a nonexistent business in Europe and offer the best prices to the customer. The next goal of this group is to float on the stock exchange.

And, does who not know Tuenti at this point? This Spanish social network is based in Madrid. In Tuenti each user can create a profile, add other users as friends and upload photos, texts, videos, pages or events they want to share. Works just like Facebook but the key strategy for success is to be focused on a younger target than Zuckerberg’s social network, from 10 to 20 years old. Tuenti has become one of the “sons” of Telefonica, and has already launched its own mobile operator, after getting 10 million new users per month. The CEO in Spain, Zaryn Dentzel, notes that “the most important of a company is the people you work with”. We keep that in mind, then.

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5 successful businesses in Spain and Barcelona
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