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Bicycle Courier Services in Barcelona

Bike delivery Barcelona
Written by Jeremy

Plenty of hip cities in Europe and elsewhere in the world have already discovered the benefits of bicycle couriers and Barcelona is no different. From Chicago to Copenhagen more and more businesses are coming to rely on the speed and efficiency of bike messengers to deliver goods to customers, often choosing pedal power over traditional courier services.

Bike delivery services in Barcelona have surged in recent years as companies vie for a piece of the courier market in one of Spain’s premier cycling cities. In some cases, companies have developed their own mobile apps and other software to give themselves a logistical advantage set them apart from the competition.

We’ve put together a list of the top two bike courier services in Barcelona to help businesses and individuals move items across the city, faster and greener.

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Bicycle deliveryBased in Barcelona, Glovo is one of the new kids on the block with easy-to-use mobile and web apps. They claim to be able to deliver just about anything (besides animals) within their range in 60 minutes or less. Their tagline: “We buy, pick up and deliver anything you want in minutes.” Deliveries are about five Euros plus the cost of any purchase.


BikecourierAnother food delivery service that operates much like Take Eat Easy, Deliveroo places emphasis on their carefully curated list of restaurants to choose from. They lost points with us for not having a delivery fleet completely composed of cyclists, but we like that you can track your order via their app. €2.50 will get your food delivered anywhere in Central Barcelona in 32 minutes or less from the moment you place the order.

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Jeremy Woodson holds a degree in professional journalism and has a vast experience a blogger and copywriter.


  • In how many cities is working delivery food app???like Uber eats,Deliberoo…


    • Hi Delia,
      You can check your address online or in the app for delivery possibilities.
      Small towns are often not included, but restaurants may have their own delivery options.

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