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Find a Job in Barcelona With These Apps

Written by Laura

With the arrival of September, many companies decide to hire new personnel and offer access to new available job positions in the company. It’s considered to be one of the best times of the year to find work, along with the start of the new year. In addition, many students who finish their studies in June relax in the summer and take advantage of the end of vacation to find their first jobs. There are many ways of getting finding employment – the traditional way of personally leaving your CV or resume at the companies you’re interested in, through temporary work organizations that help you to find work in companies looking for your job profile, on the Internet through specialized employment platforms, and in the simplest way, via the phone. Mobile apps offer solutions for practically everything, and so in this article from ShBarcelona we list the best apps for finding a job.

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Technology for finding employment

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The first application we suggest is JobandTalent, a relatively new platform that has continued to gather offers from thousands of companies in Spain. You just register and fill in the information on your profile, and from there the app will you send alerts regarding employment offers related to your work history, training, preferences and the sectors you are interested in. You can also receive alerts about jobs offering a set salary that you have selected. Furthermore, it offers a complete job search that you can adjust with multiple filters, alerts for when a company sees your profile and updates on your status when managing your CV.

Another app specialized in offers related to tourism and hospitality is Turijobs. This app is ideal for professionals in the sector and for thousands of students and young foreigners that come to Spain looking for work that lets them study or live temporarily in Barcelona. Users receive instant alerts of offers that fit your pre-set filters. It is not necessary to register in order to see offers, but you must register to be able to apply for them. You can see offers from restaurants, bars, hotels, travel companies, air travel companies, jobs related to tourism, and more.

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Photo via Pixabay

Last but not least is the phone app called InfoJobs. This portal, one of the most highly used in online job searches, offers many of the functions copied by the previously mentioned apps and by others we left in the TINTERO. Thanks to its prestige and resourcefulness, which have grown stronger over time, it allows a wide range of companies that trust in the app to post their ads, making the offers that generally appear on the platform serious job offers. With a downloading function, the app is able to send a company a more suitable CV than those that you could complete in an application, and thus giving you various CV’s specified for certain professional profiles. When sending them, this will also emit information about job experiences and trainings irrelevant to the position for the company.

Have you used any of these apps? What did you think of them?

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