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ByHours: rent hotel rooms for the exact time you need

Written by Paula

Did you ever wonder why you had to pay the full price of renting a hotel room for 24 hours when you used it for half of that time? Did you ever wish there could be a more affordable way to stay at hotels, where you can pay only for the time the room was used? Then keep reading this article and you will discover a company that is revolutionizing the hotel industry.


ByHours is a Barcelona-based company that was created in 2012 exactly to offer a solution to the issue presented above. This smart and innovative startup wanted to be able to change the way things work in the hotel industry, creating a solution that would be very useful both for guests and for the hotels themselves.

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What does ByHours offer?

Photo by ByHours

ByHours introduced the first pay-per-use system in the hotel industry. What does that mean? It means that the guest can choose what date and time he will check into and out of the hotel, paying only for the time the room is actually used.

The fact is, that people don’t only stay in hotels when they visit a city that is not their own. They also stay at hotels to take a break from their everyday lives, work, and other concerns, which is why it is so useful to have the option to rent a room for only a couple of hours.

The service offered by ByHours is also extremely useful for business purposes, allowing someone who came from far away to take a moment to relax from the journey before heading on to a meeting.

But the system that ByHours offers is not only advantageous for the customers. It is also advantageous for the hotel business, since it attracts a different type of client. The hotels can use an internal tool that will allow them to decide the price, hour packs and check-in hours they want to sell.

Their system is already in place in a number of locations, making rooms available by hour in cities like Barcelona, Paris, Edinburgh, London, and Lisbon.

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How can I rent a room with ByHours?

Photo by ByHours

The ByHours‘ system is very simple to use. Just go to their official page and choose the city you would like to stay in, the date you would like to check in, and select between a pack of 3, 6, or 12 hours and it will give you a variety of results which can then be filtered.

They also have an app which you can download to your smartphone and make your reservation on the go.

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