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Technology Booms and Accelerators in Barcelona

Written by Enrique

Barcelona never disappoints in terms of technological advancements. This past few years alone Barcelona has hosted very important technology based conventions. These conventions have allowed hundreds of up and coming companies to market themselves on an international basis. Allowing startup companies to display their groundbreaking technological additions has proven to ensure heavy investment from foreign or local resources. This revolutionary movement has allowed some of the top accelerators to gain major momentum in the realm of technological advancements. With strong wind current behind their sails, tech accelerators have gained major capita for their upcoming projects.

Endless Opportunities

localStartupbootcamp Internet of Things & Data has established its name as a leading global accelerator. This ambitious accelerator has been focusing its time and energy on startups that provide solutions through data informatics. The purpose behind the cause is the need to create customized services for both costumer and business in order to facilitate and improve effectiveness and overall satisfaction. This leading accelerator offers a more than modest $15,000 per start up. This isn’t the only upswing provided by this company. With over $450,000 worth in partner services and over 100 expert entrepreneurs and investors, this company proves to be a leading global accelerator.

Another developing accelerator that has proven to be a worthy competitor is Conector. This company offers programs that last up to 6 months which primarily target digital tech companies in early stages of development. Conector offers one of the most revolutionized and complete extensive programs. The specialty of this company revolves around mentorship. The program allows the trainee to choose from an exceptional group of successful entrepreneurs as well as potential private investors. The startup company must then create a board with members of their company as well as members of Conector. The most interesting aspect of this accelerator by far is their educational approach.

Wayra the Giant

Last but definitely not least on the list of most noticeable accelerators of today’s market is Wayra. This is tech startup accelerator grounds its base through Telefónica, which is fully operational in both Spain and Latin America. With such a strong economical capita this accelerating monster of a company offers incomparable support through some of the best mentor programs that are available. This global corporation has been able to breach and adhere itself to networks that span worldwide. Their programs have proven to be diligent and demanding however they counter offer includes a delightful opportunity to gain up to $50,000. Their state of the art facilities have allowed many early stage entrepreneurs to reach success.

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