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Muk Barcelona: Personalize Your Mobile Phone Case

Written by Brian S

We all need to have a phone case to protect our phone from any sort damage. Some seek for a simple phone case while others spend money on the hard phone case that guarantees 100% protection. But others don’t want just any standard case and prefer to go with classy and colorful options instead of dull, boring ones. Many people view their phone cases as a small expression of themselves in their own hands. At Muk Barcelona, you can now customize your phone case to fit your unique personality and style.

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What they do at MUK Barcelona

Photo via Pexels

For iPhone and Samsung phones, regardless of model, Muk Barcelona can create custom phone cases. It’s a very simple process. First, you will pick out the background color. There are a few options per phone, and it can be black, pink, grey, or gold. While customizing it, you can zoom in or see it on the screen in actual size to get an idea of what it will look like. Go ahead and inscribe any message on the back of the phone case with any words you choose. You can also choose the type of font and how big or small you want it to appear. Or you don’t have to have any words at all if you prefer a graphic design, such as an animal or the outline of a country with the flag within it. You can also choose a design without color and create a clear case with designs on it. At Muk Barcelona, you can add a bit of personalized style to your life or even design a thoughtful and unique gift.

Processing and prices

Photo via Pixabay

Customization prices start at €11,00. Currently, they can customize the following smartphones: iPhone 5 to the iPhone 7s, the Galaxy 5 to Galaxy 7, the Galaxy Core Prime and Grand Prime, the Samsung j5, Aquarius 4.5 to 5.5, and the Huawei p8 to p10 editions. All covers are handmade in a three-step process: First order online and customize it (they have their wide list of options and the cost of each design shown). Then, they will do they work in 3 to 12 days and it will be delivered in no more than 3 days after completion. Shipping costs are €3.90 and will be added to your order. You can follow Muk Barcelona on Facebook and Instagram to browse some designs and get ideas.

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Why customize your phone cover? It’s all about style, just like a graphic t-shirt or the cover of a book. Phone covers, as simple as they are, can have some style and personalization to them with a piece of yourself right on top. At Muk Barcelona, they offer the opportunity to design your own a sleek cover to show off your personality and customize a device you use every single day.

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