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Important Companies in Barcelona For Internships

Written by Laura

Barcelona has become a hotbed of companies wanting to establish headquarters in the Ciudad Condal, as well as a city of startups that are born from creative minds for which Barcelona has been home since the beginning. Many millennials, recently graduated university students and young people from all over the world are looking for work in a city as cosmopolitan and with as many opportunities to offer as the Catalan capital. Due to this, many companies residing in Barcelona look for enthusiastic people with a solid background and many personal abilities and aptitudes (often more important than training for these companies) that collaborate to move forward with innovative and avant-garde projects. The role of an intern is no longer a position that no one wants, and is now instead a highly sought-out opportunity for professional growth. Today at ShBarcelona, we discuss big companies where you can complete an internship in Barcelona.

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Today’s interns, tomorrow’s leaders

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Our first recommendation is related to the auto sector and is also the most important Spanish automobile brand. SEAT is an avant-garde company that always need students in internships for different types of work, from sales to technical work. The work centers in Barcelona are found within the Ciudad Condal, in the town of El Prat and in Martorell, both of which are close to Barcelona and allow for easy access via public transit. In any case, the internship program at SEAT offers free collective transportation to allow workers and interns to get to the different work areas. The program also offers part-time and full-time work, free food, economic help and constant feedback. You can find more information about the program on their website.

Novartis, the pharmaceutical giant, also functions out of Barcelona and is an ideal company at which to complete an internship or job practice. Labor conditions are excellent and, if they detect talent during your internship, the company makes sure to stick with you and you will start to enjoy company perks and pay. The work philosophy of Novartis is oriented around performance and looking for the best experts in the areas of marketing, sales, finance and, of course, research and development. Novartis has a fierce code of conduct based in values such as integrity, innovation, quality, collaboration and courage.

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Photo via Pixbay

The final large company that we suggest for an internship in the Ciudad Condal is the multinational company Nestlé. This is another large company where you can stay on as an employee if your internship is satisfactory and there are positions available for your area of expertise. According to their website, one third of the joint directive of Nestlé started their professional career as interns in the company. The Nestlé headquarters in Barcelona are located in the nearby town of Esplugues de Llobregat, where it is well-connected to the city. Internships at Nestlé are paid, full-time and last for six to nine months, depending on the position and the profile.

Have you completed an internship at one of these companies? What did you think?

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