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Restaurants and tapas

Best Tapas in Sarrià Sant-Gervasi

Tapas are one of Spain’s culinary staples. Eaten either as snacks over a drink or making up a meal when a selection is ordered, this is the best way to sample Spanish cuisine. Coming in endless varieties and catering to all cravings and preferences, the choice can be overwhelming. From potatoes to meat, seafood, and vegetables, you will be forgiven for having eyes much bigger than your stomach.

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ShBarcelona ha narrowed the selection down to the best restaurants in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi area. We ate our way through the area so you won’t have to.

Here is our round up:

Show Plate & Tapa

Photo by: cyclonebill via VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

Photo by cyclonebill via Visualhunt

Perfect if you like to dine in places and feel like only you and a few others know of the existence of the place. Cozy and intimate, Show Plate and Tapa has all you can wish for, with a menu that displays traditional tapas recipes with modern touches. We recommend taking your time over a cocktail before ordering. Although it is all delicious, the must-try goes to the blood sausage ravioli. Do not shy away from dessert at the end either, because the chocolate pudding is to die for. Grab your friends and go, you won’t regret it!

Address: Carrer de Reus, 22

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Bar Tomás

Bar Tomás is the one for those in search of authenticity. Authenticity and the best patatas bravas in a 100-mile radius. Order “una clara” (a traditional drink made up from beer and lemonade/lemon soda), sit back and take your time sampling this traditional tapas menu. Perfect if you want to practice your Spanish and feel like a local.

Address: Carrer Major de Sarrià, 49


Photo by: SFerriA via / CC BY-NC

Photo by SFerriA via Visualhunt

If the sun is shining, head straight to Vivanda. With a beautiful open air terrace available during the spring and summer months, this place has date night written all over it.

The most formal of the listed restaurants, Vivanda has a menu that is ample and delicious. The ingredients they use are of the highest quality and the restaurant features all the classic flavor combinations that we love and expect. Worry not, however, you do not need to break the bank; the tapas served in this venue are on average €5-10 and the portions are generous.

Address: Calle Major de Sarrià, 134

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