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Restaurants and tapas

Restaurants in Calle Verdi, Gràcia

Written by Garry Gallon

If you’re thinking of eating out in Barcelona and you fancy trying something unique and different, you should take a trip to Calle Verdi, in the neighborhood of Gràcia. The street is  full of fantastic restaurants and all kinds of International cuisine. You can take your pick from a range of Japanese, Greek, Argentinean and Syrian cuisine. And to make your choice easier, we at ShBarcelona have compiled a list of the very restaurants in this street.

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Photo by john_pittman via

Photo by john_pittman via Visualhunt

Specialists in Japanese cuisine and sushi, Kibuka is a great Japanese restaurant that serves delicious food in generous portions. They also offer inventive novelty dishes such as Italian and Greek themed sushi! Although a little expensive, the quantity and the quality food is really worth the price. One downside is that the restaurant tends to get pretty full, so we recommend going before 9 pm in order to get a table.

Address: Calle Verdi, 64

Contact: 934 35 50 59


Just a brief stroll up the street and you will find more fantastic world cuisine of a different kind in the Syrian restaurant Amrit. Although a little expensive, Amrit serves huge portions that really fill you up. The large menu includes some great salads, and various opportunities to try Middle Eastern delicacies such as Tabbule, Geben y Fattuch. This is also a perfect restaurant for vegetarians, as they offer a huge number of vegetable-based dishes, although there is also no lack of options for the meat lovers!

Address: Carrer de Verdi, 18

Contact: 932 17 65 50

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Photo by Tom Spaulding via

Photo by Tom Spaulding via Visualhunt

If you are in the mood for some delicious Greek cuisine, why not head one street over to the fantastic Greek restaurant Dionisos? Here you can try delicious, traditional Greek food such as Moussaka,  Giouvetsi and Soutsoukakia in a charming, friendly atmosphere. It costs around 30 euros per person for a full set menu, but if you reserve a table though the website BcnRestaurantes, you get a 20% discount.

Address: Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 144

Contact: 932 37 34 17

Mi Gràcia

Why not check out some of the great Argentinean food in Gràcia, and visit Mi Gràcia? This stylish restaurant offers, as you would guess, prime grilled Argentinean meat, but the varied menu also includes various gourmet fish dishes, pastas, and a mouth-watering dessert menu. Mi Gràcia also offers a fantastic range of vegetarian options, such as vegetarian empanadas, grilled vegetables and a delicious tomato and mozzarella salad. Although a little expensive, this really is one of the best restaurants in Gràcia.

Address: C/ L’encarnació, 52

Contact: 932 139 437

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Garry Gallon

A Scotsman living in Barcelona who loves the culture of the city, and finding out about what it has to offer.

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