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Restaurants and tapas

Seaside restaurants in Barcelona

Written by Laura

How would you like to dine alongside the sea? Sounds pretty nice, right? In Barcelona, there are a multitude of restaurants with this incentive, something that is undoubtedly sought after by many people looking to disconnect from daily stress and unwind. The sea breeze, the good weather, the cloudless views… all these elements encourage the appetite and allow you to enjoy delicious food that much more. Barcelona, a coastal city that boasts an exceptional gastronomic array, offers the option of eating or dining in seaside restaurants that you can’t help but enjoy. In this article from ShBarcelona, we will discuss some of these restaurants that will leave your mouth watering. Which one will you choose?

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Quality seaside cuisine

Photo via Pixabay

Generally, being close to the sea will make you feel like eating seafood; fresh fish, fish fritters, fideuás and marisco. Obviously, a good beef sirloin can be an excellent option, but a seafood platter, for example, although unusual, is one of the most asked-for alternatives at seaside restaurants. The local spots in this article are found in zones close to the sea, with nice views as well as good reviews when it comes to the quality of their food. The first is CDLC Barcelona, a fancy restaurant situated in the Paseo Marítimo, at number 32 on Marine Beach. Here you can enjoy all types of seafood infused with an Asian touch, bringing exotic freshness to the dishes. One such dish worth mentioning is the white fish ceviche, a fresh plate ideal for a light summer dinner.

From the exotic CDLC we go to Barceloneta, a seafood restaurant par excellence beside the port. Its menu offers excellent seafood and spectacular views of the Muelle de Pescadores. The quality-price ratio of this restaurant is great, showing that it doesn’t take much luxury to enjoy the excellent dishes at Barceloneta. The best part of this restaurant is, without a doubt, the excellent products which make the dishes delicious and enjoyable. Paellas, rice broths, black rice and fideuás aren’t lacking from the menu, along with the delicious fresh fish and shellfish, all great quality. This is definitely a good option for enjoying traditional seafood.

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Photo via Pixabay

Since its inauguration surrounding the 1992 Olympics in the Ciudad Condal, Barcelona’s Olympic Port has been one of the most interesting areas for leisure in the city. Multiple restaurants of different styles and local drinks congregate in this lively zone of the Catalan capital. One of these is La Taberna Gallega, a specialized Galician restaurant known for having the best products on the Northern coast of this autonomous community. Its specialties are pulpo a la gallega (delicious) and lobster paella (magnificent). You can also enjoy the shellfish, fresh fish and excellent meat. Highly recommended.

Have you visited one of these restaurants? How was it?

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