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Restaurants and tapas

The Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona

Written by James

Tapas is a staple dish for the majority of people living in Spain, and visitors and residents of the city of Barcelona are always on the lookout for the best tapas bars the city has to offer. These range from high-end fine dining restaurants, to smaller and independently run family owned tapas bars. The following piece by ShBarcelona will examine some of the best tapas bars currently open in Barcelona.

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Barcelona Tapas Bars

Photo by loop_oh via Visualhunt

Tapas are a traditional Spanish dish that consists of a number of small portions of different foods and dishes. Tapas are ideal for sharing with one or more friends, and this is one of the reasons for the dish’s continually popularity with people all over the world. Readers living or visiting Barcelona should keep an eye out for the following tapas bars. Readers are advised to review The Guardian’s best tapas bars list, in addition to the Trip Advisor guide to the best tapas bars in Barcelona. Although both articles could be updated, the information is still very much relevant today. So let’s tell you all about the best tapas bars in the city.


Roure is a traditional Catalan establishment very popular with locals. In the daytime it caters to the older residents of Barcelona, and is perfect for a quiet lunch. The establishment is also ideal for a quick meal in the evening before heading out on the town.


People visiting La Sagrada Familia are often hungry after taking in the fantastic piece of architecture, and this tapas bar around the corner is the perfect place for lunch or dinner. Tossa is not well known by tourists, giving visitors a brief respite from the busyness of the city.

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Photo via Pixabay


Elisabets is an extremely popular tapas bar among the students and younger residents of Barcelona. The bar is often the venue for political and culturally focused conversations, and the food is delicious whilst remaining very reasonably priced.

Other tapas bars

Of course the list is never ending, but good quality tapas bars are also: La Cova Fumada and Quimet & Quimet, among many others. And if you are interested in a workshop on how to prepare your own delicious tapas, check out one of the tapas cooking classes in the city. Once you have tasted the several types of tapas and are curious about how to make them in your own kitchen, you can now serve them at home to friends and family, like a true tapas chef.

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