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Ale&Hop: craft beer and vegetarian meals in El Born

If you live here, you probably know the Born district and its small streets with their very typical Barcelona atmosphere. Inside this cultural and culinary maze, you will find a very original bar/restaurant, located at Carrer Basses de Sant Pere, 10.

Ale & Hop has one credo: the craft and the vegetarian. Their priority? Environmentally friendly products. From food to beer and wine, everything is carefully chosen to offer you an original menu, with a very good price/quality ratio.

Let ShBarcelona tell you more about it.

Their specialty: craft beer

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay

Ale & Hop is a bar like no other. You will not find the beverages that stand in these famous shelves in a conventional bar and you certainly won’t find the craft beers served here anywhere else nearby. Some of their beers come from Barcelona and other regions of Spain, but other countries are also represented, such as England, Scotland and Germany. Whether white, blonde, red or amber, the beer menu changes regularly to make you enjoy a wide range of environmentally friendly products. Lovers of good craft beers will have to spend between 5 and 6 euros a pint. If you don’t feel like having beer, have a glass of their white or red wine, made with grapes from organic farming.

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A vegetarian menu in an “underground” atmosphere

If you are vegetarian or vegan and you’re tired of only being served salad in regular restaurants, let Ale & Hop become your new Ali Baba cave! Try the “Vegetable Garden” Omelette, the zucchini carpaccio or one of their revisited hamburgers. Despite not serving meat, the restaurant serves cheese, which is, of course, also handmade and environmentally friendly. Marry these dishes with excellent beer and let yourself be carried by the place’s hip atmosphere, soft lighting and stone walls.

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Why “Ale & Hop”?

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay

The curious ones will easily make the connection between the name of the bar and the products it offers. What comes immediately to mind is the well-known French expression “allez hop!”, often used to tell someone to jump or get up to go somewhere or do something. Indeed, the bar name really comes from this French phrase that is commonly used in Spanish as well.

But that’s not all! Their main product is beer, which uses a flower called “hop” for flavor. As for the “ale” part, it refers to a drink that is made just like beer, without the addition of hops.

To learn more about Ale & Hop, you can follow them on social networks:
Facebook: aleandhop
Twitter: @aleandhop
Instagram: aleandhop

You can also go directly to the 10 Carrer Sant Pere de Basses (Metro L1 Arc de Triomf) to have a look and enjoy a tasty craft beer with friends!

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