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Restaurants and tapas

Renowned Restaurants of Barcelona

Written by James

Residents and visitors to Barcelona have a breadth of activities to engage in and art and architect to see. However, the city is equally famous for its food, which combines the traditional and rustic elements of Catalan cuisine with more modern Spanish stylings. The city has a large range of restaurants to choose from, and at times it can be a bit difficult choosing one location over another. This article will detail three of the more popular restaurants in Barcelona and will also cover how to rent a flat in Barcelona, regardless of length of stay.

Restaurants of Barcelona

Obviously a preference in type of food will dictate as to whether or not you find one restaurant most enjoyable than the other, but the beauty of the city is there are plenty of places to choose from, no matter your preference in taste. The Trip Advisor piece on Barcelona restaurants is worth checking out, as is this Time Out article on the top 10 places to eat in the city.

1 – Dos Palillos

Dos Palillos is an authentic Spanish restaurant serving tapas. The uniqueness of this restaurant comes from the Asian influences that have found their way into the different dishes. This marriage of distinctive European and Asian cuisine has made Don Palillos one of the most popular tapas restaurants in the city and in 2012 the establishment was awarded its first Michelin star, a true testament to the restaurant’s diligence in creating forward thinking food. The address for Don Palillos is 9 C/ Elisabets.

2 – Passadis del Pep

This restaurant is renowned for its fresh and delicious seafood, and is one of the best seafood restaurants in the city. The freshest fish and shellfish of the day will make up the majority of the menu, and diners can expect the food to be served with Cava, a type of local champagne. Passadis del Pep is quite popular so it’s advised to make a reservation to avoid disappointment, but if you’re in the area and feel like trying your luck it is located at 2 Pla del Palau.

3 – Fonda Gaig

Readers interested in checking out more traditional Catalan cuisine should try out this restaurant, which specialises in traditional pastas like cannelloni and macarrones del cardenal. Simplicity is key in this restaurant, as the focus is on the taste and texture of the food rather than trying to group unusual flavours together. Fonda Gaig is perfect for long lunches or romantic dinners, and can be found at 200 Carrer Corsega.

4 – El Quim

If you’re looking for something more homely then you can’t go wrong with this family run traditional Catalan eatery. Although not strictly a restaurant, readers are still advised to visit this food stall that can be found in one of Barcelona’s most famous markets, the Boqueria market. El Quim is extremely popular so expect to a short waiting time to get a seat.

Staying in Barcelona

Whether you are a permanent resident of the city or are just visiting, finding the right apartment or accommodation for the duration of your stay is extremely important. There are many different letting agents operating in Barcelona, and readers are advised to work with a reputable company such as ShBarcelona, who are leaders in one-month property rentals. ShBarcelona have a multitude of properties to choose from for varying periods of time, and are involved in the Barcelona real estate and have a number of apartments and houses for sale.


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