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Pilates and Yoga Fusion Classes in Barcelona

Written by Heather B

Do you enjoy Pilates? How about yoga? Have you ever considered trying your hand at pilates and yoga fusion classes in Barcelona? ShBarcelona has compiled a list of some of the best pilates/yoga fusion classes around the city. The pilates/yoga fusion workout, also known as Yogalates or Yogilates, is a refreshing and energizing workout that combines traditional yoga poses with pilates. While yoga encourages correct breathing and meditation, posture, and stretching, pilates incorporates core muscle strengthening in the back and muscles.

The benefits of pilates/yoga fusion are abundant. Not only does it offer a new challenge to those who enjoy practicing yoga, it also combines both the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga with muscle strengthening and endurance. Unlike traditional yoga or pilates, fusion workouts are continuously changing due to the vast amount of exercises and poses used by each discipline. Whether you’re new to the world of yoga and pilates, or you’re a seasoned Yogi, fusion workouts can be adapted to any level. Check out our list of yogalates classes in Barcelona.

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Yogalates Classes in El Parque de la Ciudadella

Photo via Pixabay

This is a great chance to enjoy the city’s park while taking part in a pilates/yoga fusion class. Yogalates in the park classes take place on Mondays at 6 pm and Fridays at noon. They meet five minutes before at the roundabout in  Ciutadella Park. It costs 7€ per session and the first one is free. Classes have a maximum of twelve students per session, and all levels are welcome. Make sure to bring your mat along to the class! You can reserve your space on the profile online.

Yogalinda Hatha Studio

Yogalinda specializes in Hatha yoga while incorporating specific techniques into the sessions, including pilates.  Other fusion classes include vinyasa yoga, yin yoga (a combination of yang, vinyasa, and ashtanga) and pilates barre (practicing pilates poses on a ballet bar). The school provides classes in English and you get 50% off the first session.

Sarriá Yoga Asana

Located in the heart of the Sarriá neighborhood, Sarriá Yoga Asana, provide a wide array of classes practicing different yoga styles, including Ashtanga mysore, hatha, and yoga pilates. Moreover, they offer regular workshops on ashtanga and meditation. If downtime is what you need, the studio offers bioenergetic massage and Rolf therapy – a form of deep tissue massage that helps to manipulate and reorganize connective tissue and fascia.

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Centres de Teràpies Darshan

Photo via Pixabay

Offering a variety of different yoga fusion classes, the centres de Teràpies Darshan advertise both group and individual classes. Try your hand at the Ioga Pilates Barra class, which encourages you to stay in shape and increase your flexibility while incorporating meditation. What’s more, the studio offers therapy sessions such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, alignment therapy and osteopathy.

Have you taken part in a pilates/yoga fusion class in Barcelona? If so, tell us about your experience below.

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