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Where to See the Champions League Final 2019 in Barcelona?

Written by Daniella

Many football fans will soon be able to enjoy the final of one of the most important sport events of the year, the Champions League. This event, followed massively in the whole world, is one of the most important competitions of the football season and one of the most prestigious at club level. This year the final will take place in Wanda Metropolitano, the home ground of Atlético Madrid, and it has a capacity of 68,000 seats for spectators. But if you can not travel to the capital of Spain to see the final match, the team from ShBarcelona has a few ideas about where you can go and see it in Barcelona.

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Enjoy the Champions League Final in these bars in Barcelona

Photo by Muladar News via Visualhunt

Soccer is the king of sports in Spain. Without a doubt, it is one of the most passionate activities, and it has more and more followers, who are always more faithful to their team, than to their political party. It has also been called the opiate of the people, for its ability to mobilize masses and provoke many mixed emotions. A soccer fan may not dine that day anymore, if his or her team has lost. Many fans can follow the team wherever they go, and some may even want to be buried with the shirt of their favorite team. If you look at it rationally, this is obviously true madness, but a fan with passion in its heart is hard to reason with. Therefore, the end of an event like the Champions League, the most important annual event of European club football, is followed everywhere in the world. As a matter-of-fact, the love for Spanish teams comes mostly from overseas – culturally speaking, from unlikely countries like Japan, China and India. Coming June 1, 2019, the final of the Champions League will take place in Spain. The match will be played at the stadium of Atlético Madrid, the modern Wanda Metropolitano. Whatever the outcome, expectations are high, and we will tell you exactly where you can watch the final match in a feverish environment in the Catalan capital, together with your family and/or friends.

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Photo by PedroNieves via Visualhunt

La Taverna de Barcelona is a perfect option to watch the Champions League final. It is in the centre of Barcelona, ​​next to Plaza Cataluña. It is located at Plaza Universidad, 37. Another possibility is Snooker, an elegant pub in the Catalan capital. It is located at Evarist Arnús Street, 70. You can also drop by the Sports Bar, especially if you also want to dine well. This is a legendary bar to watch football in Barcelona, and it has several giant screens to make this event extraordinary. You will find it on Carrer Rambla dels Caputxins, 31. Finally, you can also go to Bar Llopart, a bar with excellent tapas, that will make your mouth water. It is the perfect location to witness the end of the Champions League.

*Main photo via Visualhunt

Where will you watch the Champions League final 2019?

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