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Basketball Academies in Barcelona

Written by Laura

Are you thinking of signing up your children for a basketball school or camp? If your child is interested in playing on a team someday and wants to take their skills to the next level, then you’re in luck – in this article from ShBarcelona we’ll be talking about three basketball school you can find within the Ciudad Condal that have are known for their great programs. In these schools, kids can work on their technical skills and, most importantly, have fun playing one of the world’s most beloved sports. So if you’re interested, be sure to read on and get all the details on the different options!

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Play basketball in Barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

FCB Escuela de Baloncestowhich also manages FC Barcelonais the first basketball school we want to talk about. This program is geared towards kids between the ages of four and twelve. Apart from the planned trainings according to the age of the students, there are also internal league games, and students can participate in the tournaments and conferences that take place throughout the course of the athletic program. In order to be on one of these teams, however, students need to pass a series of access tests. All the training groups have a coach that will help your child’s basketball skills soar. All practices and games take place at the Centro Deportivo Municipal Arístides Maillol Les Corts, located at calle Martí i Franqués número 19. Another option is Pau Gasol Academy; if there is one basketball player everyone has heard of in Barcelona, it’s definitely Pau Gasol. A large number of top-level coaches will train your kids and, along with nutrition experts, be in charge of keeping your child in top-notch shape and keeping their basketball skills sharp. While all their trainings and work are personalized, they also work to create a strong teamwork mentality, where players respect both their teammates and their opponents and always give 100 percent. The center also offers screens for free time as well as a pool, so your kids can enjoy their time there to the maximum. The main building is located at CEM Mundet, at calle Olympe de Gouges s/n.

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Photo via Pixabay

One last option we’ll be telling you about is Academia Elite Basket Pro, where hard work and personalized attention are the main tools used to help players improve their game. Over the days of the week, coaches analyze the playing style and skills of each student in order to gauge which areas they are strong in and which they need help with. Motivation is also something that is important for students who truly want to learn how to play, and is a large part of the philosophy of this basketball program along with discipline, constancy and the ability to improve. This academy is located outside of the city of Barcelona, but not too far – you’ll find it in Sant Adrià de Besòs, on calle Arístides Maillol in Pabellón de la Mina. If you think your child has potential and solid skills when it comes to basketball, don’t hesitate to contact one of these three schools and get them started on the right track for a potential basketball career. Who knows, you may have the next Pau Gasol in your house and not even know it.

Have your kids participated in any of these schools? What did you think of them?

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