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Yoga Meetups in Barcelona

Written by Dorothy

Whether you’re into yoga, or you want to get into yoga, whatever the style, in Barcelona it isn’t difficult to find like-minded people to practice with. With an abundance of meetup groups offering different styles, timetables and locations, the hardest part is choosing which one to join! Meetups Barcelona is a gateway to literally hundreds of classes, whether you are looking for classes in English or looking for a fun way to brush up on your Spanish. It’s also a brilliant way to get connected with like-minded people. Or perhaps you want create your very own yoga community. In which case Meetups is the place to go!

Yoga in the open air

In a city which gets almost year round sunshine and plenty of warmth, what better place to practice yoga than in the open air. Several meetup groups offer classes outside, from the park to the beach.

Yoga teacher Nina Adams offers relaxed yet professional classes for all levels. While some classes are held in a studio on Pau Claris, regular classes also take place in the Ciutadella park during the warmer seasons. Not only are the classes in the park half the price of those in the studio, but you can really breathe in the open air and enjoy the space, beautful colours and sunlight it offers. Nina’s classes are both dynamic and satisfyingly challenging, teaching a variation of yoga styles including hatha and vinyasa. There is an emphasis on power, strength and muscular felixibility, while at the same time there is a continued focus on synchronisation of breath, movement and self-awareness. Classes are taught in English and Spanish. You can choose morning or evening classes, and either pay as you go or opt for a monthly pass. Sign up to the Meetup group or checkout Nina’s website or facebook page for more information on upcoming meetups.

If you find the beach more conducive to your yoga practice, then the Yoga Practice under Barceloneta Sun group may be a good one for you. Classes are led by two yoga certified teachers, guiding their yogis through hatha yoga with Vinyasa flow movements, enjoying pranayama (breathing) and a focus on meditation. All this right by the sea. Bliss.

Yoga meetups in barcelona

Yoga Challenge with Bilyana

This group seems to be one of the longest running and biggest yoga meetup group running and so probably worth a mention. Bilyana, a trained and experienced yoga teacher, started the Barcelona yoga group in 2009 and with over 3,000 yogis currently signed up to her Meetup group she’s obviously been doing something right!

Again, the main style of yoga of this group is vinyasa. The purpose of the group is to get people interested and interacting in yoga, whatever experience. It’s a real opportunity to learn something new and have fun with like-minded people. Time and location of the meetups changes quite regularly – check the meetup group page for a calendar of upcoming meetups.


There are several yoga meetups offering classes in English in various formats and locations so if language is a concern, no need to worry. But perhaps you’re looking for a way to practice and improve you Spanish skills while doing something fun. It surely beats sitting in a stuffy classroom. What’s more, it’s an excellent opportunity to meet people and really get integrated into the Barcelona community.

meetupOn the Meetups Barcelona website, you can find different types of yoga (hatha, vinyasa, jivamujkti, Kundalini, hot yoga, and more). Or if you want to mix things up a bit, you can also find classes combining yoga with other activities, such as meditation, healthy food, dance. There’s even a yoga & brunch meetup group offering 1hour and 15minutes of hatha vinyasa yoga in the open air followed by a picnic, with everyone contributing something to the mix. Perfect for those after a truly social element.

The list of yoga related meetups really is extensive and varied. Now it’s left to you to decide which one to try!

About the author


Dorothy is a University of Barcelona Psychology graduate, TEFL teacher and Spanish learner. She is keen on all things related to health, fitness, exploring and learning.

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  • Hello, I have a question for you?

    I just moved to Barcelona from the US and am a certified Yoga teacher (Yoga Teacher Alliance) and would like to teach some yoga classes through meetup perhaps on the beach or in a space somewhere in the city. I notice there are very few (none actually) that offer classes to the LGBTQ community, which what I would like to do.

    I am not sure if I need a license with the city to do this or Insurance? Do you know what sort of qualifications I would need in order to start a meetup group teaching yoga in Barcelona? Or could you point me in the right direction to find out?

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