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Meditating outdoors in Barcelona

Written by Diana

Meditation is a fantastic tool to train your mind. It is usually a difficult practice at the beginning due to our “monkey minds“. But with time and effort, meditation can successfully educate the mind to focus on only one “object” (an image or a sound, for example) and enlarge our conscience and connect us with superior layers of reality.

Because it is hard to focus for a long time, especially for the distracted Occidental mind to facilitate the process, many prefer to meditate indoors, where they have more control over external stimulus. But those who have some regular practice will soon feel very comfortable close to nature, meditating in gardens or in parks where they can be in touch with the Earth. For those who are already at this stage and those who are trying to get there, here are some suggestions of gardens in Barcelona where you can meditate peacefully, far from cars’ noises and people chatting.

La Tamarita Gardens

Fountains are a common adornment at this garden in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district. It is a living testimonial of 19th-century classicism. Get lost among its ancient trees and feel the deep connection with Mother Nature.

Joan Maragall – Palauet Albeniz

Photo by rofi via / CC BY-NC-SA.

Photo by rofi via

Contiguous to Palacete Albeniz, the building where the royal family stays when visiting Barcelona, these gardens are a true pearl: very well treated and with a very calm ambiance. You can find them half of the way between the Olympic Stadium and the National Palace. Despite its fancy appearance, entrance to the park is free of charge.

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 University Gardens

These gardens surround the historical building of Barcelona’s University, creating a mysterious and quiet environment for the students. In between some of the most ancient trees of Barcelona, you will feel like you are in a different era. The peace you will find in this garden will boost your ability to meditate.

Mirador del Alcalde Gardens

Photo by Jorge Franganillo via Visual hunt / CC BY.

Photo by Jorge Franganillo via Visual hunt

Aside from the splendid view you will have from this belvedere, the water that runs from the central fountain along its artificial cascades will give you a sense of relaxation. The best hour to go there is early in the morning or at the end of the day when all possible chatter from tourists will be over.

Barcelona is full of gardens to discover. From historic to thematic ones, the difficulty is in the choice because all of them are worth visiting.

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Diana is a writer with a Master degree in Marketing and a degree in Sciences of Communication.

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