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Hatha Yoga in Eixample

two women doing yoga
Written by Miguel

Whether you practice it or not, we’re sure you hear about yoga all the time. After all, it seems like everyone is doing it these days. There is a reason why it has become so popular, though, particularly in urban environments – it provides a break, an escape from the world and into yourself.

A lot of people are turned off by yoga because of its spiritual components – maybe they are just not into that kind of stuff, maybe they are afraid of betraying their own faith somehow. The truth is, while some schools and instructors are heavier on the abstract aspects of the practice, yoga in itself is just a method of relaxation and exercise for the body and mind.

Like any other modern city, Barcelona is not indifferent to this trend. In any of its neighbourhoods you can find plenty of places where to take yoga classes. That’s no different in Eixample, where there are several types of yoga disciplines on offer – for this article, ShBarcelona will focus on hatha yoga, which has been steadily gaining popularity lately.

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What is hatha yoga and where to do it in Eixample

woman stretching forward

Photo via Pixabay

Although the word Hatha describes any kind of yoga that involves poses, it has recently become the name of a specific type of classes. These classes tend to have a gentler pacing with simpler poses and no flow between them – for beginners.

It’s often challenging to transition directly from one pose to another in common yoga. Hatha yoga is thus an easier way to start practicing yoga.

It relaxes body and mind, increases flexibility, strengthens and tones the body – is provides you with basically the same benefits as the “regular” variants, but is way less demanding on the body.


Beyoga specializes in classic pilates, personal training, and corrective-evolutive hatha yoga. This gym in l’Antigua Esquerra de l’Eixample on Carrer de Buenos Aires, 52 runs small classes that allow its instructors to closely follow each student’s progress.

The price is 17€ for an isolated yoga class, but if you enroll in the school, which has a cost of 45€, one class a week will then cost you a monthly fee of 44€. They schedule classes in the morning, afternoon and late-afternoon on every weekday. You can check the full schedule on Beyoga’s website.

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Yoga Studio Barcelona

women meditating on the beach

Photo via Pixabay

Yoga Studio Barcelona is a great studio in the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni and ran by instructors Xavier and Pilar, who dedicate their lives to sharing and learning this ancient practice.

You can have a tryout class for just 7€. If you decide to enroll in the yoga school, different classes will hate different prices. Check the full price table and choose what suits you best.

There are several daily classes on weekdays, one class on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Make sure to check the full schedule at the studio’s official website. The address is Plaça de la Universitat, 4.

Shunia Yoga

Shunia Yoga was first established in 1992, back when the practice was still seen as kind of “eccentric”. Shunia hopes to help people find balance, peace and understanding through yoga.

The yoga centre is located at Carrer de Calabria, 87, which is also in Sant Antoni. The first class is always free. After that, 57€ a month will allow you to participate in any of the available classes. If you’re only interested in hatha yoga, that value will grant you two classes a week.

Classes run from 5:30 PM to 7 PM and from 7 PM to 8:30 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays. So be sure to end your day with a moment of relaxation at Shunia Yoga.

Do you like hatha yoga? Or do you prefer another type of yoga?

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