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Where to Go For Bachata Dancing in Barcelona

Written by Emma

Visiting Barcelona is an amazing experience. The entire city is beaming with culture. Everywhere you look and everything you do, there is an alternative to the norm, an alternative that feels much richer, that holds more history and character.

The streets feel unique, the food tastes like a family recipe that has been passed down for generations, and the people pass you by, moving with a purpose like they have somewhere important to be.

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Most people stay in a short-term rental apartment or visit Barcelona for a long weekend. So, if you’re having a drink or listening to music, why not cast aside the chart hits and brand beers and go for a more unique experience by dancing to the soothing and flavorful sound of bachata music.

What is bachata dancing?

Bachata is becoming an increasingly popular style of dance worldwide, and with its passionate, sensual and rhythmic qualities, it’s no wonder Barcelonians adore it.

With its roots in the Dominican Republic and an eight-step sequence, this dance form has adapted to suit traditionalists as well as more modern approaches making it fun and accessible for all.

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Where to dance bachata in Barcelona


Mojito is well known for having one of the best dance schools in all of Barcelona. Mojito hosts a range of classes from introductory to experienced sessions, and on Thursdays and Sundays, it dedicates its dance floor to salsa and bachata for a true Latin experience.

bachata dancing in barcelona

Photo via Visualhunt

Mojito provides a different take on traditional bachata norms, offering a more modern setting including a fusion of international music on Friday and Saturday nights.

However, to stay true to the Latin scene, they regularly host a live music performance by a Cuban band on Sundays. They also provide a variety of international cocktail recipes as a way to hold on to its global vibes.

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Antilla Salsa

Antilla Salsa club is located at the heart of the Eixample neighborhood. This place is fast becoming the most popular destination for Latin lovers in Barcelona, and there are many reasons that Antilla Salsa stands out from the rest.

It boasts not one, but two dedicated spaces, each with a substantial dance floor, and when it comes to bachata, the bigger the better.

passionate dancing in barcelona

Photo via Visualhunt

This club has one of the best vibes in Barcelona. The variety of cocktails perfectly accommodates the electric atmosphere of the space, and the first drink is included in the entrance fee, but you’ll most likely return to the bar for another one.

The biggest part to Antilla Salsa has to be the live music – frequent nights with live Cuban bands, orchestras and a mix of international Latin and world music artists means that you can dance to bachata with that raw Latin sound.

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Habana Club

Habana Club is located at the end of the Barceloneta neighborhood; it’s a short walk with a view like no other in the city. This club is situated near the beach area and it neighbors a variety of other unique and interesting bars.

bachata in barcelona

Photo via Visualhunt

Habana Club also serves as a restaurant until 11:00 p.m. when it transforms into one of Barcelona’s most interesting Latin clubs.

Offering the best Latin music in Barceloneta and lessons in a range of different dances, this simple yet stylish Latin music club in Barcelona is a must when visiting Barceloneta for anyone interested in bachata, salsa or Latin music.

Have you ever tried any of these clubs? And do you like salsa y bachata in Barcelona?
Share your experience with us!

About the author


Emma is a psychology student and writer with an interest in art, travel, culture, food and wine.


  • This is really a nice post, that you have updated us with all of innovative information that can be very useful for future aspect.
    Overall, proper technique is not difficult to learn, but it requires specific instruction. Once you master it, however, your dancing abilities will improve phenomenally.
    Actually I adore Salsa Dance.! And Salsa makes you feel healthy because you move your body all the time

  • That`s me in the pic – a lawyer did not give his consent to use his image – dancing salsa at an event I throw each week during the summer in TORONTO

  • Thanks for the article 🙂 Can you tell me where I can find the Habana Barcelona? Unfortunately I couldn´t find an address yet.
    Thanks so much! 🙂

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