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Coaching for entrepreneurs in Barcelona

Written by Jorgen Sikk

Not everyone is born with an entrepreneurial spirit. Some people quickly pick up the skills that are necessary to thrive in the business world while some need a little nudge and some guidance to get where they want to be. If you are interested in the world of entrepreneurship, there are many coaching services in Barcelona that can help guide you.


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CtgCoaching is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and backed up by decades of experience. They offer three different kinds of training groups: personal coaching, executive coaching, and team coaching. If you feel that you lack motivation or direction in your dealings, then you should try personal coaching. There, you start with setting your goals and creating the means to achieve them. It takes a holistic approach to the whole sense of “self”. Executive training enhances your leadership, communication skills, and teamwork. It is meant for individuals in charge of different work collectives and starts by you first becoming aware of your strengths and weaknesses. This creates a framework, which helps you become a better guide for the company and also makes you understand when is the best time to rely on yourself, or others, respectively. Team coaching brings together the collective and eventually creates a situation where the collective maximizes their potential and becomes bigger than the sum of its individuals. This coaching is the best way to motivate the workers to become part of the company and realize its potential.

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The people at GreenBean offer great business advice and coaching for you to have an edge in the competitive market. Their coaches have good English skills, thus they are a good choice for expats looking to start their own businesses. Besides focusing on leaders and leadership, they also offer worker motivation and coaching giving you the tools to create a better understanding of your skillsets and abilities, in order to maximize your potential.

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Experiencia Coaching

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Experiencia Coaching has a wide grasp when it comes to coaching. They have a big and experienced coaching staff that come from different backgrounds and that can help you get the most out of your coaching sessions. Besides the coaching, they also organize numerous seminars, workshops, and events that are worth signing up for, giving you the ability to see how they conduct their coaching and decide if you want to take it further. Some of the topics covered in their seminars include Storytelling, Achieving your dreams and goals, and Affective time management. Another thing that is unique with Experiencia is that if you live outside of Barcelona then they also offer online courses giving you counseling and reviewing the goals via the internet. They are also working together with Trust Sports Management in order to offer coaching for professional sportsmen, giving tips and guidance on how to approach sponsors and interact with fans and followers.

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Jorgen Sikk

Jörgen Ivar Sikk is a biology and chemistry teacher by degree but an avid traveler and writer by passion

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  • I’ve been working as a life coach and business coach for startups for +14 years. What entrepreneurs need most is someone to bounce back their ideas and hold them accountable. Someone that helps them see the big picture and be balanced. I love teaching entrepreneurs how to sell without adding pressure and how to pitch in front of investors. You can read more about this type of startup coaching here:

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