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The world’s at your fingertips with Glovo

Written by Christine

Imagine having the ability to order food, make purchases, or send a message by courier and have them all delivered to your front door, just by pressing a few buttons on your mobile phone. Well, thanks to a new app called Glovo, now you can! This service makes life ridiculously easy and is offered in Barcelona, so there’s no reason not to try it out.

What is Glovo?

Photo credit: California Bakery via / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo by California Bakery via Visualhunt

Glovo is an app that you can download for either iPhone or Android that can help to simplify your daily life and also help get your errands done in a snap. Once you have downloaded the app you can order anything to be delivered to your door, including takeout, groceries, pharmacy pickups, and beyond. The idea behind the app is that whatever you need quickly can be delivered to the address that you choose for a small fee. So if you need to get a quick gift for a birthday party that afternoon or want to have dinner waiting for you by the time you arrive home, all you need to do is browse for what you are looking for and order it on the app. If you don’t see exactly what you want you can make a custom order and the hard workers at Glovo, called glovers, will pick it up and have it delivered to you.

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What can I order?

The options are limitless with Glovo since you can order not only products but services as well. Some of the more popular categories to choose from include food, such as having restaurant pick-up delivered to your home as well as grocery delivery (anywhere from 1-4 bags). While having this service available is definitely convenient, glovers can perform other tasks that may be more pressing. They can deliver packages for you, messages, and even documents that are time sensitive. It saves a lot of time and hassle knowing that your pressing documents or packages are being hand-delivered with the guarantee that they will arrive on time and where they should be. You can also have anything from the pharmacy sent to you which is a great advantage if you’re too sick to leave the house. All of these things are available to you for a charge of €4.90 per order plus the cost of the purchase. This is a steal when you consider all the time you will save by having the convenience of delivery!

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Who delivers?

Photo credit: Kat Northern Lights Man via / CC BY-NC

Photo by Kat Northern Lights Man via Visualhunt

The key to the Glovo service are the glovers, or the people who are performing the pickups and deliveries. Anyone can be a glover as long as you have a smartphone to stay connected to the Glovo app and your own transportation like car, bike, or motorcycle. When an order is made, glovers are notified through the app and they decide if they are able to make the delivery at that time or not. This is a great side job for anyone looking to make a little extra money in their free time. Glovers can choose their hours and availability and can decide if they want the delivery based on location. If you’re interested in becoming a glover in Barcelona apply today!

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