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Study coaching in Barcelona

Sophie H
Written by Sophie H

Life can sometimes get very hectic and in such times the help of a coach can be incredibly useful to help you stay organized and on track in both your professional and personal life. If you have experienced coaching for yourself and think it might be something you would like to do for a living, helping others stay on or find their path, there are excellent schools where you can study coaching in Barcelona.

Escuela Internacional de Coaching

Photo via Pexels

Escuela Internacional de Coaching offers many options in terms of studying coaching. From online coaching, to coaching dedicated to sports, women in leadership, organization, and personal development, there are a variety of options you can choose from to specialize in. The school offers a complete approach in their training, focusing on integrating various models of coaching to equip you with the tools you need to improve the way you and others live life, both physically and mentally.

The school is also committed to providing students with the best team of professionals possible in their training and regularly collaborates with the most qualified experts in the field of coaching. For more information visit the school’s website.

Location: Carrer de Tuset, 20-24

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Coaching Barcelona

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Coaching Barcelona offers face-to-face courses and online distance learning to monitor progress specifically for businesses and their employees to help build teamwork, trust and improve relationships and leadership skills within the workplace. It also offers the chance for employees to explore their own self-development in order to build on their strengths and increase job satisfaction and overall quality of life. And it’s not just beneficial for businesses. The courses are open to entrepreneurs, professionals in HR and psychologists, as well as coaches who want to build specific skills in Executive Coaching.

Location: Carrer del Rosselló, 17

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Photo via Pexels

FundAres is also a great option for studying coaching. They offer various Masters (International Masters in Business and Life Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Master in Neurolinguistic Programming and International Master in Leadership and Coaching Professional), post-graduate options, and other products including customized programs, workshops, and personal coaching. The teaching is interactive and experiential to help students achieve results.

The training combines theory and practical techniques of learning delivered by teachers who are experts in their field with experience across a variety of different business sectors and complex environments at both a national and international level. At the end of your training you will be qualified and fully prepared to work for yourself or join a business that needs your skills in-house.

Location: Paseo de Gracia, 118

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About the author

Sophie H

Sophie H

Sophie is a native English freelance writer, PR consultant, personal trainer and yoga teacher / therapist living and loving life in Barcelona.


  • Hi! I was just wondering if you happen to know about any coaching courses in English in Barcelona?:)

  • i want to study football coaching in your school. how do I join? how much is it? and when is the course coming up?

    • Hello Mendy,
      Please contact the coaching center of your choice for an answer to your question.

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