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Find your next job with Europe Language Jobs

Written by Paula

If you are living in Barcelona or thinking of moving to the Catalan capital, you may be wondering if you will be able to find a good job if you don’t dominate either of the local languages.

There are a number of websites where you can look for jobs in Barcelona, but if you are looking to work in a specific language, then take the time to explore Europe Language Jobs.

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What is Europe Language Jobs?

Photo via Pexels

Europe Language Jobs is an online job board with hundreds of different positions for multilingual individuals around Europe. Using their website, you will be able to find vacancies in 48 countries, to work in 33 different languages.

Almost all vacancies ask that the candidate has a good level of English, so if you are not a native English speaker and you haven’t used English for a while, you might want to think of updating your skills before applying to a job on Europe Language Jobs. Each offer available on their website requires the applicant to know at least two different languages, with English being the king.

The website’s system matches each candidate with the best offers, based on the languages that they know, their skills and their professional interests. In this way, they help companies and candidates to find each other, acting as the middleman.

Europe Language Jobs ‘features over 3500 offers, working directly with over 2000 companies in different countries in Europe.

Why look for a job in a country other than yours?

Relocating is not for everyone, but living and working in a different country than your own, even if just for a certain period of time, will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture and experience things you might never experience in your own country.

Depending on your country’s current economic state, it might also be of interest to you to look for a job where the market offers more advantages, higher salaries, and better conditions. There are a lot of international companies eager to receive new candidates from abroad, which sometimes offer very attractive relocation packages.

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Working in Barcelona

Photo via Pexels

Europe Language Jobs is a Spanish company based in Barcelona, offering hundreds of vacancies in their hometown. The job market trends are changing every moment, but some of the main languages that companies are seeking, besides English, are German, Dutch, French, and Swedish.

Take the time to explore Europe Language Jobs and you will find vacancies in different fields, such as Tourism, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, IT, E-Commerce, and more.

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