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Best websites for entrepreneurs in Barcelona

Written by Paula

If you are an entrepreneur, you are going to love Barcelona! The capital of Catalonia not only boasts excellent weather conditions, great gastronomy and an abundance of culture, it also offers enticing conditions for businesspeople to come and make their companies bloom.

If you are thinking of starting a business in Barcelona or have already done it, it may be useful to get to know the best websites for entrepreneurs.

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Startup Grind

Photo via Pixabay

Startup Grind is one of the most exciting and dynamic websites there is for entrepreneurs. They are a very large independent startup community who help connect, educate and inspire a variety of businesses from all over the world.

Startup Grind organizes a number of monthly events in which entrepreneursinvestors, and educators can share their knowledge and what they have learned on their path to creating a successful business. The company was founded almost 10 years ago in Silicon Valley, the Meca of technology, and has since helped millions of people to find mentors, funding for their businesses and reach new users.

Barcelona Loves Entrepreneurs

Barcelona Loves Entrepreneurs is a local initiative that aims to turn Barcelona into one of the most sought-out cities in the world to start a businessBLE organizes a series of events that aim to allow new business owners and startup founders to network, helping them to not only get the word out about their company but also to learn and share experiences with other professionals. They also have their own blog where they publish articles about the entrepreneurial world and offer tips for new entrepreneurs.

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Photo via Pixabay is a truly fascinating website where people can find other people who share the same interests. Anyone can create a group for any sort of activity they like, by paying a fee. Depending on the plan they choose, they will be able to have a smaller or larger number of members join the group. The creator of the group can then organize meetings and events whenever he/she wants to and can either charge or not an entrance fee to the event/meeting. Those who do not wish to create their own meetup can freely explore the existent groups in their area and join as many as they want. Joining a group is free and does not come with the obligation to attend all of the group’s events.

There are a variety of entrepreneurial and startup meetups in Barcelona, finding them is as easy as typing “entrepreneur” on the group search box. Some of the most active meetups currently available are Barcelona Entrepreneurship Meetup and Barcelona Freelance Meetup, which have hundreds of members and are constantly organizing events.

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