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Aikido classes in Barcelona

Written by Diana
Photo by Sigurd R via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND.

Photo by Sigurd R via Visualhunt

For those who enjoy the beauty and philosophy of martial arts but do not appreciate competitiveness per se, Aikido might be an interesting hobby. This Japanese martial art, whose name can be translated as “union (with) the energy of life”, was developed in the first part of the 20th century. The main goal of this art created by Morihei Ueshiba is to use motion to use the strength of one’s opponent without attacking them directly. Despite the fact that it is a relatively recent martial art, there are already several Aikido styles. However, all of them serve the same purpose: to use the development and the understanding of one’s body and life energy as a way of spiritual growth. Check out the places in Barcelona where you can practice this modality.

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Dojo Mutokukan

Tolerance, courtesy, humility and truth are the basic values for the practice of Aikido, according to this dojo. At Mutokukan, you will learn Aikido Aikikai, taught by Stèphane Benedetti, a Sensei who has been studying and teaching this martial art for more than 45 years.

Where: Carrer de Balcells 40.

Mutokukan Poblenou

This school promises the improvement of the elasticity and breathing control of its students, regardless of their age, weight or physical resistance. At this dojo, there is no excuse to not practice Aikido.

Where: C/ Pamplona. 69 (esq. Pujades).

Grup Aikido-Ka

Luis Traver learned Aikido from Stèphane Benedetti and teaches this modality in four different places in Barcelona. The first class is free.

Where: Barenys Gym; Nou Ter Gym; Yawara Gym; Alex Gym.

Mutokukai Kokoro

Photo by Darij & Ana via / CC BY.

Photo by Darij & Ana via Visualhunt

They identify themselves as a group of “friends” that comes together to share knowledge about Aikido. Their motto is “mi casa es tu casa” (my house is your house). Everyone who wishes to learn the art of Aikido will be received as a friend. The training sessions happen under the supervision of Javier Galan, a formet student of Stèphane Benedetti.

Where: Carrer de la Verge de Montserrat, 37.

El Do del Aikido

At this school, you can learn traditional Aikido. They follow Ueshiba‘s way of thinking, believing that failure is the key to success and that every mistake is a lesson to be learned from. The school also offers classes for kids and awareness workshops for teenagers.

Where: Eixample Fitness; Escola Marillac; Dojo Aitai; Colégio Alemán Barcelona.

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Photo by RodrigoFavera via / CC BY.

Photo by RodrigoFavera via Visualhunt

Aikido is an art that praises elegance and aesthetics. That is the spirit that guides Kyu school and its master Juan Pedro Martos, a 4th Dan black belt. At Kyu, you can learn the traditional Aikido style.

Where: C/ Casals i Cubero, 210 – 212.

Aikido Barcelona

The values of this school are concentration, self-defense, self-discipline, physical development and spiritual growth. They have two main teachers: Christian Tissier and Leon Galushko who follow the teaching of Sensei Ueshiba‘s. They take dojo‘s etiquette very seriously.

Where: Carrer de la Independència, 314.

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