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Karate classes in Sant Martí

Written by Miguel

Most of the things you see in  movies, can’t be done in real life. You can’t go to space (the great majority of us, at least). You can’t fly around Metropolis or bring justice to the dark streets of Gotham. If an explosion happens, you can’t just continue to walk forward in slow motion as if it was nothing.

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

There is one thing you see in the movies that you can actually do, though – karate. Popular in the western world precisely due to the amazing martial arts movies of the 70s’ and 80s’, this Japanese martial art is actually quite accessible. All you need is discipline, concentration, and the will to learn how to strike like the masters.

If you live in Barcelona, there are plenty of places where you can practice karate. In the neighbourhood of Sant Martí, we found a few great schools that would love to have you as a student.

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Karate basics and philosophy

On your way to becoming a karateka (the name of a karate practitioner), you’ll learn how to use your fists, feet, knees and elbows to apply a variety of striking techniques. Some modern styles also add grappling and submission locks to the mix.

The base philosophy of this martial art is one that places great emphasis on humbleness. Practitioners are taught to never use the techniques learned in training unless their life is at risk. Due to the precision of karate strikes, these can be lethal when correctly applied in real fights. Thus, one of the most important parts of karate training is building the character and discipline to be “worthy” of such a huge responsibility.

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Karate schools in Sant Martí

Club Karate Ridao

This karate school offers classes for both children (starting at 3 years old) and adults and is well known in the Barcelona martial arts community for regularly winning youth tournaments.

Address – Rambla Guipúscoa, 132.
Contacts – 685 622 914

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

Nou Ter Sport

This Sant Martí gym, which also teaches children, runs biweekly classes for adults every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 to 9:30 PM.

Address – Carrer del Ter, 14.
Contacts – +34 93 246 91 31 or

ACR La Pau

A non-lucrative cultural organization very near Sant Martí, ACR also offers classes to karatekas of all ages and experience levels.

Address – Pere Vergés, 1.
Contacts – +34 932 78 05 35

There you have it – if you live in the Barcelona neighbourhood of Sant Martí, you can now start preparing for your starring role in Karate Adult. It may sound strange but leave it for the big studio executives to figure it out. We hope you have a lot of fun learning karate! As always, feel free to speak your mind in the comment box below.

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