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Kitesurfing lessons and rental in Barcelona

Written by Emma

Kitesurfing is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling ways to feel the power of the wind. The challenge that comes with controlling the influences of waves and ever-changing wind conditions makes this water sport a consistently rewarding and fun activity to enjoy. Barcelona is a fantastic place to get into kitesurfing, whether you need a few lessons or you’re a seasoned pro, our beautiful beach provides the perfect backdrop for gliding across the sea. The frequently calm tide and cross-shore winds also create the perfect environment for learners to get stuck into the basics or improve their advanced skills. For this reason, there are a fair few recommended kitesurfing companies offering rental opportunities and lessons at every level. However, there is only one company that provides lessons in perfect English and it just so happens to be the best – Kitesurf Barcelona.

Full package lessons

Kitesurfing in BarcelonaAs the most popular kitesurfing company, Kitesurf Barcelona has 7 years of experience and it certainly shows. Kitesurf Barcelona has the ability to take complete beginners and make them IKO certified in just 10 hours divided into 4 sessions. This course covers everything you’ll need to know, from weather condition theory to all the relevant positions and safety/recovery procedures. You can take this course on your own or with a maximum of one other person, allowing you to take full advantage of your time with the instructor as they adapt to your natural ability. The full package course is a reasonable price considering the skill of the instructors, the personalised service and the inclusion of all equipment rental costs.

Single lessons

At a very competitive price, Kitesurf Barcelona offer a single lesson that is very thorough, but will not result in full independency. This lesson is a great way to have fun and get a feel for the sport before committing to a full on course. The single lessons are suited to any level of ability and offer the chance to learn exciting new tricks if your skills are up to scratch. The benefit to the single lesson for beginners is that you get to go straight out on the water and give it a go without having to learn any theory. Again, all equipment rental costs are included in the price. The session lasts 2 and a half hours and is truly exhilarating.


For a unique and exciting weekend Kitesurf Barcelona also take kitesurfers out for road trips from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. Transportation and accommodation is included in this adrenaline fuelled weekend where you will be taken to some of Spain’s best beaches for kitesurfing, including Costa Brava and Delta de Ebro coasts. The weekend involves beach parties, sunset kite sessions and a whole lot of fun.


Night kitesurfIf you are already an independent kitesurfer, Kitesurf Barcelona have the most cutting edge equipment on offer, including Ozone, Best Kiteboarding and Wainman. You can rent the full kitesurf set or the board or kite individually on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. The full kitesurf set literally covers everything you’ll need including your harness. The equipment is checked regularly by professionals so you can ride the waves completely carefree while enjoying the best equipment kitesurfing has to offer. The prices are pretty good too, with the full set costing just 50€ for 3 hours of use.

Other bonuses about this company are that they operate all year round, they are conveniently located and you don’t have to pay for lessons booked on days where weather conditions turn out to be no good for learning – yes, some companies are that cheeky. So if you’re at all interested, this is the company to go with. You will have the experience of a lifetime in the best hands in Barcelona.

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Emma is a psychology student and writer with an interest in art, travel, culture, food and wine.

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