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Where to rent luxury cars in Barcelona

Written by Vicky York

If you’re looking to add a touch of class and luxury to your holiday in Barcelona, how about renting a luxury car? Renting this type of vehicle has become increasingly popular in recent years, for those wanting to splash out on a unique holiday experience.

Fancy an afternoon driving around the beautiful Catalan countryside down a winding country land in a sporty Ferrari, Lamborghini or maybe even a Maserati? If so, here are some suggestions of where you can go to experience this for yourself in Barcelona.

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Elite Rent

Photo via Pexels

Elite Rent has been providing luxury car rentals in Europe since 1987. They provide a highly customizable service where you can pick your favorite model, specify the color of the car and even where you want it delivered to in Europe. They have a selection of over 600 luxury cars to choose from so you won’t be short on choice. Elite Rent aoften has weekend promotions for those of you who are looking for a quick getaway over the weekend, as well as chauffeured services and unique driving tours.

Rent Bull

Rent Bull has offices located in various cities around Spain, including Barcelona. They have different deals available on car rentals including last minute deals and day packages where you can treat yourself and spend the day in a sporty red Ferrari. Rent Bull also has the flexible option of renting a car by the hour with your pick of Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche. The only difficulty lies in deciding which car to pick.

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Europe Luxury Car Hire

Photo via Pexels

Europe Luxury Car Hire is the largest European luxury car rental company. It has offices located all over Europe with a massive selection of various makes and models of pretty much any luxury car you could possibly want. They also offer a variety of VIP services to make your driving experience that extra bit special. These services include airport pickup, a limousine service, wedding car hire and even villa rental and yacht charter for that extra special touch during your trip to Barcelona.

How else do you add a touch of class and luxury to your trip to Barcelona? Share with us and comment below!

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About the author

Vicky York

Vicky is a UK copywriter and translator based in Barcelona. An avid traveller, festival follower and music lover.


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