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Low cost gyms in Barcelona

Getting fit is hard enough without the added consideration of the cost of gyms. Here is a list of a few excellent low cost gyms that will help you get inspired about toning up and improving your health.


Altafit is one of the cheapest gyms in Barcelona and it stays open until late to suit the Barcelona party lifestyle. At this gym, you can join programs that involve advice from nutritionists and dieticians, but the downfall is that this franchise only has one location in Barcelona – close to Diagonal. However, they do have great equipment and a deal focused on commitment. The standard price per month is €26.50 but if you choose to join for 3 months to 6 months the price is €24.08 per month – a great incentive to keep at it. Altafit specialises in a modern range of gym classes including Gbox and Gbody which help tone the entire core and extremities, all at a competitive price.


Another greaweightst gym on a budget is Duetfit. Duetfit has personal trainers and group exercises to offer, remaining open until late hours. Membership is only slightly pricier at €29.90 per month, but with a registration fee of €12.50. While a little more expensive, Duetfit offers the option of paying in instalments rather than all out.

Viva Gym

Viva Gym is for those who work late hours and cannot attend most of the gyms in Barcelona due to their hectic lifestyle. At Viva Gym, the doors are open 6 a.m. and only close at midnight on weekdays, 9.p.m on weekends. This gym has parking – a rare find here in Barcelona, and they also have a vast range of group exercises to choose from, up to 150. The prices are some of the cheapest. Depending on your level of commitment, the memberships costs start at €20 and only rise to €30 with many extras included.

Simply Gym

As one of the larger gyms, Simply Gym has the most impressive range of exercise equipment available; however, the opening hours are a little more restrictive. Simply Gym doesn’t quite facilitate for standard working hours in Barcelona, but the fees are worth the limited hours, considering the space and the large variety of equipment. Simply Gym opens from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm and 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm. The cost is €29.90 per month on a non-committal basis, but you get a much better deal if you do choose to commit, prices being €9.90 for the first month and €19.90 for the rest of the year. It costs €12 to join and €15 for the membership card. Despite the prices, if space and freedom are important to you then this gym is certainly the right option.

Muscle beach

muscle beachIf dedicating you time and money to a gym that doesn’t work around your hours is a little too much of a deterrent then Barceloneta beach may be your answer. Aside from cycling or jogging along the boardwalk, taking an energetic swim in the sea is another great option. On the other hand, if you are planning on working on your muscles to tone up, Barceloneta’s “muscle beach” is a great alternative. There you will find basic equipment as well as specialised equipment brought to you by regular goers who will be happy to exchange a trainer session for a language lesson.

Where will you go to work on your beach body?

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