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Where to go bungee jumping in Barcelona

Written by Miguel

Barcelona has a lot to offer. If you’re staying in the capital of Catalonia, you’ll never lack things to do – there’s so much culture and entertainment, you’ll almost feel inclined to skip sleeping just so you have more time to enjoy the city. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, though, maybe not even a modern cosmopolitan city bursting with life and activities is enough for you. Maybe you need something… bolder. Like bungee jumping! Well, lucky for you, you can also do that while visiting inBarcelona.

Are you unfamiliar with this extreme activity? It’s pretty simple. While safely connected to a large elastic cord, you jump from a very tall structure, such as a bridge, a building or a crane. First you free-fall, then you rebound upwards, oscillating up and down for a while until it stabilizes and you’re brought up. It’s one of the most thrilling things you can do in life, so if high-adrenaline is what you crave, you need to try it at least once.

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Lifestyle Barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

An online-based company that provides unique experiences, Lifestyle Barcelona is one of your best options if you’re interested in bungee jumping . Priced at 75€ per person, their package is available for anyone over 18 and with a weight below 120 kg, for safety reasons. The jump takes place in a location outside Barcelona, in the beautiful Costa Brava region, at a distance of around 60 minutes and easily accessible by public transport.

You’ll be jumping from a height of 65 m, which is the perfect altitude not only to get that sweet adrenaline flowing in your body but also to offer you a spectacular view of the location’s natural beauty. You’ll be guided by an experienced instructor who will make sure all the gear is in optimal conditions and everything’s safe for you to jump, so you don’t need to worry about anything – just enjoy the moment and feel the rush of being alive and doing awesome things.

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Photo by baerchen57 via Visualhunt

Photo by baerchen57 via Visualhunt

With prices starting at 50€, Yumping is another great choice for bungee jumping if you’re in Barcelona. Their experience also takes place outside of the city, more specifically in the beautiful Catalan coastal town of Lloret de Mar, which is about one hour away from Barcelona. A very cool part of this offer is that you’ll get a video of your entire experience – this allows you not only to relive it as many times as you want, but also to upload it to your social networks and make your friends jealous, which is always a plus, isn’t it?

Which one of these bungee jumping experiences will you choose? Let us know using the comment box below.

Have an extremely fun time in Barcelona!

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