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Living in Barcelona

Is This The Right Time to Find Affordable Rental Accommodatioin in Barcelona?

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Written by Daniella

It is no longer news that people’s habits and preferences have changed after the lockdown. Another fact that should be added to this, is the high cost of rental accommodation in Barcelona. It has made many people wanting to move to the city reconsider their location. 

It is the main reason why some families have now decided to live in towns close to Barcelona. It has allowed them to rent bigger homes with a terrace or balcony

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With this new trend developing, we have been asking ourselves: Is this the right time to find more affordable rental accommodation in Barcelona? And the answer is clearly: Yes!

If you have been thinking of moving to Barcelona, this certainly is a good time to do so. Keep reading this article, so we can fill you in on the details. 

Affordable rental accommodation in Barcelona: cheapest zones in the city

As we have learned, many people have moved from the city itself to towns nearby Barcelona. The main reason has been: more space and less noise. 

Another interesting and noteworthy fact is Barcelona’s new rent reference index, because rental prices seemed to have slightly decreased.

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Photo by Ketut Subiyanto via Pexels

After taking all these recent developments into account, and realising that the real estate sector always changes, you can now profit from the situation we are currently in. 

ShBarcelona considers this moment to be ideal for anyone wanting to live in the city, as many of Barcelona’s most popular apartments are now available and ready to move into.

Are you aware of which districts in Barcelona are the most affordable to rent an apartment in? We will list them below.

Nou Barris

At the top of the list of cheapest districts in Barcelona is Nou Barris. It consists of thirteen different neighbourhoods:

  1. Vilapicina i la Torre Llobeta
  2. Porta
  3. Turó de la Peira
  4. Can Peguera
  5. La Guineueta
  6. Canyelles
  7. Les Roquetes
  8. Verdún
  9. La Prosperitat
  10. Trinitat Nova
  11. Torre del Baró
  12. Ciutat Meridiana
  13. Vallbona
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Photo via Visualhunt

Nou Barris is actually a relatively new zone, and it has undergone considerable transformation in recent years, as it has increased in number of inhabitants, shops and services. The district is located near the Collserola mountain range, which means you are always near nature.

For rent in Nou Barris

Horta – Guinardó

Second on the list of most affordable districts in Barcelona is Horta – Guinardó, and this is the third largest district in the city. As a result this area is one of the most densely populated parts of the city.

The district is well-connected by public transport, and there are plenty of services, like supermarkets, hospitals and schools. There is also an abundance of parks and gardens for you to enjoy. Horta – Guinardó’s neighbourhoods are:

  1. El Baix Guinardó
  2. Can Baró
  3. El Guinardó
  4. La Font d’en Fargues
  5. El Carmel
  6. La Teixonera
  7. Sant Genís dels Agudells
  8. Montbau
  9. La Vall d’Hebron
  10. La Clota
  11. Horta
labyrint garden in horta

Photo via Visualhunt

Rentals in Horta -Guinardó

Sant Andreu

The third most affordable district in Barcelona is Sant Andreu. Many people choose this district when first coming to live in the city. Its neighbourhoods are:

  1. La Sagrera
  2. El Bon Pastor
  3. La Trinitat Vella
  4. El Baró de Viver
  5. El Congrés i els Indians
  6. Navas
  7. Sant Andreu de Palomar

Rent an apartment in Sant Andreu

All of the cheapest districts in Barcelona have one specific characteristic in common, and that is that they are all located farther away from the city centre. These parts of the city were the last ones to be added to the municipality, and they were previously filled with factories and homes for its workers.

Nowadays, these zones are highly populated and full of basic services, and that is why these districts should definitely be mentioned and considered.

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Photo via Visualhunt

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Most expensive and most affordable cities in the province of Barcelona

Although many people have recently left the city centre to move to one of its nearby towns, prices are not always that different from those in the city itself. 

As a matter of fact, an article in El Périodico has highlighted that ten Catalan municipalities are even more expensive than Barcelona. There is, for example, Sant Vicenç de Montalt. This is a municipality in the Maresme region, with average rental prices of 1,251.57 euros. 

The other most expensive locations are Cabrils with 1,178.01 euros, Sant Cugat del Vallès with 1,149.55 euros, Teià with 1,117.67 euros and Sant Just Desvern with 1,058.92 euros.

kitchen with black counter - affordable rental accommodation in barcelona

Photo by Ralph Ravi Kayden via Unsplash

On the positive side, there are also several municipalities with more affordable rent, like Sant Joan Despí or Esplugues, asking an average of 814 euros rent per month. In Castelldefels you pay 919.90 euros on average.

Finding more affordable apartments in Barcelona

As you have now noticed, there is not that much difference in rental prices between homes in Barcelona and its nearby towns.

As with every search for an apartment, our recommendation is to write down your specific priorities. You should know what requirements need to be met. This is the only way to search effectively and with clear results.

ShBarcelona firmly believes that living in the city of Barcelona has its advantages, as you will save on public transport if you can find an apartment near your work or school. The city also provides you with more services, like shops, restaurants and bars. Let’s not forget Barcelona is a lovely Mediterranean city with plenty of culture and gastronomy to value.

If you are ready for a new experience and want to move to Barcelona, do not hesitate any longer and contact the expert team at ShBarcelona. We can advise you on what apartment best suits your needs and wishes.

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