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Regulations for Barcelona schools

Written by Laura

In all establishments and institutions, from offices to libraries, there are a series of important guidelines and norms in place to help prevent conflicts, and schools are no exception. It is important for each particular institution to put in place regulations that make everything flow smoothly and easily in relation to their religious and/or moral beliefs, whether it’s a certain manner of dress or another important aspect. Today in this article from ShBarcelona we want to talk about some of the more general rules in place in Barcelona schools, so that those who are thinking of sending their children to school in the city can know what rules to expect.

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Get to know the general regulations for schools in the Ciudad Condal

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There are some commonly held regulations for schools in Barcelona that are, except in certain situations, fairly easy to understand and follow. In any case, it’s useful to know the regulations of each educational institution just to be sure you’re not failing to fulfill anything. In order to set you up with everything you need to know, this article will explain to you some of the most common rules for schools in the city: 

The first is that all students must attend class daily and, in case of missing class due to an illness or other reason, parents should communicate this to the school through a note, phone call, or whatever method the school requests. Activities organized by the school that take place during school hours form part of the official curriculum and all students are required to attend and participate. Students should be on time to and complete all activities and lessons they are tasked with during the school day. It is prohibited for students to leave school grounds during school hours unless specifically permitted, and depending on their age the student may need to be accompanied by an adult. Students are expected to show respect for teachers, school employees and fellow students. It is best for students to keep their space clean and to take care of school materials, facilities and other belongings of the school. It is not permitted to smoke at or within school buildings.

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Any disappearance or mistreatment of school items will be taken seriously, whether it’s school property or the property of fellow students, staff or teachers. Students should turn in evaluations to their parents to be signed, and parents should consider the notes given by tutors in these evaluations. Afterwards, these should be returned to the school. At many educational institutions it is not to permitted to bring a cell phone or any other personal electronic items to class. Schools also do not permit discrimination from either students or staff on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation or any other personal or social characteristics. If students infringe upon any of these regulations, the school may reprimand the student or staff member with different sanctions or warnings, depending on the seriousness of the offense. These are some of the more universal rules in place in educational facilities within Barcelona.

Did we leave out anything important regarding regulations in Barcelona schools?

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