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Best Areas to Live Near Barcelona

Best areas to live near Barcelona
Written by Paula

Living outside Barcelona can present some advantages. The properties are cheaper, there are beautiful landscapes, and you can find the peace and quiet that cannot be found in the center of any cosmopolitan city.

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Here are some of the best places to live near Barcelona if you plan on moving to the region, but not specifically wish to live in the big city.

Where to live near Barcelona?


Badalona is a peaceful seaside town with beautiful beaches and a historical city center. The city has a pleasant residential area and a number of boutiques, chain stores and entertainment establishments.

badalona, live near barcelona

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Badalona has a good public transportation system, being directly connected to Barcelona by subway, bus and train. The city is located about 35 minutes from Barcelona.

L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

L’Hospitalet de Llobregat is a popular area for those who are looking for an apartment on a tight budget. At L’Hospitalet you can find two-bedroom apartments for the same price as one room in a nice apartment in the center of Barcelona.

L’Hospitalet is one of the cities near Barcelona, and the area has various parks, good transportation and a vibrant nightlife. L’Hospitalet is located 40 minutes away from Barcelona.

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Tarragona is a famous university town where various international students come to learn. The city has great restaurants, beautiful parks, and a variety of stores with products for every age.

Tarragona is an extremely affordable city, with apartments that can cost as low as 250€ per month.

square in tarragona

Photo via Pixabay

Tarragona is a historical town located about an hour away from Barcelona, and it is one of the larger cities around Barcelona Spain.


Mataró is a pleasant coastal town perfect for those who like to stay active. Swimming, running, rock climbing, football and tennis are only some of the many sports practiced by Mataró inhabitants.

Located 45 minutes away from Barcelona, Mataró offers moderate housing prices.

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Collserola is a smart choice for those who prefer to be closer to nature than to the city.  This gorgeous mountain range offers an endless number of open spaces and even a national park.

Collserola is also an excellent area for outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking and swimming.

collserola mountains near barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

This is not an area for shopping, since the offer is very limited. Living in Collserola you will need a vehicle to move between the residential area and the city center, which is located about 30 minutes away by car.


Sitges is a lively, bohemian city, one of the most popular coastal cities. Housing prices are not necessarily cheap, but what the city offers in beaches, culture and restaurants make up for the steeper prices.

live near barcelona

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Sitges is located about 50 minutes away from Barcelona, and travelling between Sitges and Barcelona is easy because of the train that goes up and down the coast of Catalonia.

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What is one of the best places to live near Barcelona according to you?
Share your experience!

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