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Find what you need with Trovit

Written by Paula

Every country has a number of websites where people post ads for a variety of items or goods. Some have a clean, stylish look and are easy to use, while some require jumping through some hoops to be able to find what you are looking for. If you are getting ready to go online to start looking for a house, a car, or a job, then take a moment to read our article about Trovit.

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What is Trovit?

Photo via Pexels

Trovit is an effective and powerful search engine that combines thousands of ads from a variety of websites into one, making the user’s process much easier and direct. Founded in Barcelona in 2006, Trovit started by helping people find ads for homes. In 2007, they expanded their net, adding posts for jobs and cars to their search options. By 2008, Trovit was already present in eleven countries and had a base of users of almost five million. Years later, in 2011, Trovit became one of the leading names in the market, both in Europe and Latin America. Today, they are present in fifty one countries worldwide.

How does Trovit work?

Trovit operates 3 different search engines: one for homes, one for cars, and one for jobs. Those search engines centralize over 200 million classified ads from thousands of websites in more than 50 countries, where Trovit is present.

Users can make their search as broad or as specific as they want, also having the possibility of setting up alerts so that they never miss out on a great ad for the house or car of their dreams or to apply for a fantastic new job.

The search engines are easy to use and can be accessed from a variety of devices, through their desktop or mobile web version, or their apps, which is available both for iOS and Android devices.

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Becoming a partner

Photo by Trovit

Trovit works with a variety of partners, like, eBay classifieds, Monster, and REED. What are the advantages of becoming a partnerTrovit can help your website gain more exposure by including your ads in the search results. They generate more than 150 thousand visits to their partners’ websites every single month! If you think your business could benefit from partnering up with Trovit, don’t hesitate and contact them today.

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