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Getting fit for free (or almost free) in Barcelona

Written by Rachel S

On the beach

ball-788529__180If you live near the beach, then it’ll be easy to get fit for free. There’s a boardwalk most of the length of the beaches in Poblenou and Barceloneta, and gym stations along the way to test your strength by doing chin ups, push ups, squats and lunges.

In groups

If you feel like doing something more team-oriented, there are plenty of Meetup groups like beach volleyball, beach tennis and beach football that will not only get you fit but link you with new friends, and of course, there’s always swimming, although it may be a little difficult to wade out to an area deep enough to dip in.

There’s also the popular BeachFit group for a small membership fee. Meetup groups are also great for yoga, pilates and dancing groups at little or no cost.

On foot

If you prefer hiking or walking, then Montjuic, Montseny, or any of the parks in near Barcelona are perfect. Parc Guell is also a nice place to walk around and walking to the top requires some legwork but you’ll be rewarded by the view at the top. You can also join a range of running clubs through your local gym, Meetup, or your local civic centre.

With balls

There’s also the open spaces and plazas where there are football fields and ping pong tables. Apart from the cost of the paddles and balls which you can buy cheaply from Decathlon, ping pong is an easy and mobile sport to get involved in and enjoy with almost anyone.

On a bike

For those who have residency in Barcelona, Bicing is a perfect way to get around and while not entirely free, is pretty cheap. For only 45 euro for a year, you can use any of the bikes at the stations around Barcelona from 5am until 2am – so if you miss the metro this is a great option rather than getting a taxi. Apart from getting fit, its also a great way to see Barcelona as there are many bike lanes in the centre of roads that make it faster than the metro or a bus sometimes, and also safer.

To the sound of music

ballroom-1039371__180If you prefer dancing, there are plenty of free dance classes in salsa, samba, flamenco, and rumba as well as the traditional Catalan dancing. If you already know how to dance and just want some music and a venue, try bars like Guzzo, Gracia Latina or El Cel for all styles. There’ll you’ll find as many different styles as there are nights of the week if you want to learn some new moves. Some local councils and particular events will offer free dancing space on Sunday afternoons in the squares.

About the author

Rachel S

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Rachel has a Masters of Public Policy which she got in Barcelona. She is interested in politics, culture, travel and music.

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