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How To Save Space On Your Floor

Written by Brian S

The floors of today are getting smaller and the problems of space have become the daily bread of house issues. We live in small apartments and we need to learn to optimize the space so that we can feel more comfortable, and we can even improve the coexistence with the people with whom we live with. Space has now become a luxury destined only for a privileged few, but if we know how we can take advantage of each part of our home with practical ideas and adapt to different situations we can manage to maintain order and enjoy a comfortable and practical home. At ShBarcelona we know how complicated it is to live with little space, that’s why we want to teach you how to save space in a flat.

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A Folding Dining Table

Photo credit: Håkan Dahlström on / CC BY

Often in the small apartments, we find similar structures in which, to increase the space of the living area, an open kitchen is created that communicates with the living/dining room. The problem is that often there is no physical space to place the dining table. If you resist eating hunched sitting on the couch in front of the TV, you can choose to place a folding table on one of the walls. If you also place it under a window, you can enjoy the pleasant light of day and you will create a cozy space without having to eat watching TV, a much healthier option. You can take a look at the Swedish decoration geniuses Ikea, which makes these type of tables that do not occupy any excess space. They fold up against the wall and right by the windows, but still big enough for four people.

Sliding Doors

Photo via Pixabay

When there is a lack of space, the corners are necessary to be able to make the most of them. So the space left behind the doors can be essential to optimize the square footage. For that reason, sliding doors can be an excellent solution when there is little space. The gap behind the door can be used to put a toilet in a tiny bathroom or a closet for the pantry in a small kitchen. There are many types of sliding doors, many of them halfway between practicality and design, which is possible that besides saving space, you love. In the department stores of the Leroy Merlin, you can find many models at very interesting prices.

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High Ceilings? It’s A Duplex

Photo credit: Spencer Means on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

If you are lucky enough to have a flat that, although small, has high ceilings, you can extend the flat by making a mezzanine. Although it requires a lot of work, it can be the solution to fixing your space problems. This type of distribution is typical in lofts and on the ground floors, initially local, that have been enabled as dwellings. In all of the neighborhoods in Barcelona, there are these types of properties, but the neighborhoods of Poblenou or de Gracia are two of those that have made the most use of this type of distribution. Generally, the ground floor is used as a living area with a living/dining room and open kitchen, to provide more space. The upper floors are usually allocated to the bedroom, office or library. You can get in touch with our architecture and interior design department to see how you could reform your apartment.

Do you give us more ideas to add more space to a floor of a few meters?

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