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Decorating Your House For Christmas

Written by Laura

Decoration is the footprint of the home that makes it unique, that shows your personality and tastes, something very personal that demonstrates what you like to surround yourself with and your way of life. Just as you would dress up nicely for important and special events such as weddings, baptisms or New Year’s Eve, it’s a similarly beautiful practice to decorate your home for special events. Some of the most obvious and easy to decorate for are the winter holidays, which is why today in this article from ShBarcelona we’ll be talking about how to decorate your house to it get it ready for Christmas.

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Dress up your house for the holidays

Photo via Pixabay

For many families, Christmas is the time of year when they go all out on decorations for their home. Especially for families with children, decorating the house can be a fun tradition where special nativity scenes or ornaments are taken out each year as a way of remembering past holidays. It’s also a time to prepare the house for other family members who are visiting, so you have a merry environment in which to eat, drink, talk, laugh and eat some more together. As stated previously, decorating the house is truly like getting dressed – it’s important to follow your tastes and express yourself personally so you feel happy and comfortable. If you are someone who prefers a more minimalist environment, then don’t fill your house with tons of decorations, and if you like warm colors then find decor that will satisfy your color choices. It’s important to consider what tones positively influence your mood and make you feel your best. If you like more traditional decorations and a certain rustic touch, then red is a good color to pair with cozy woolen blankets and duvets as well as decor relating to well-known Christmas figures, for example. On the other hand, if your style is more simple and elegant, then you may want to opt for colors like silver and gold in your decor.

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Photo via Pixabay

Our advice is that you choose one main color can that can be paired with two other shades. Choose carefully and make sure the colors aren’t overwhelming, or your room may end up looking like your closet exploded on your walls. In any case, a decked-out Christmas tree is always a great decoration option for those that celebrate Christmas, and there are many different ways to decorate according to your tastes. A typical green tree is the classic option, and you can find one that is either synthetic or natural. There are also synthetic trees that come in different colors such as white and pink, as well as those that are made to look like they are dusted in snow, and in sizes that vary from impressively gigantic trees to small dainty trees that can be placed on top of a table or dresser. Lights are also a great addition to consider, and not just for your tree. You can place twinkly lights in all different areas of the house, such as on the balcony, above the windows, strung along the walls or under a glass vase to create a nice light source. Christmas-themed textiles made of warm fabrics such as velvet, sherpa or wool are an ideal cherry on top of the cake for your holiday decorations, along with intentionally-chosen cushion covers, rugs, blankets and even curtains. The last things you need to create a stunning Christmas atmosphere are a centerpiece for your table, festive candles in lovely candleholders and a poinsettia flower to light up the room.

Do you have other advice for decorating your house at Christmas?


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