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5 Best Travel Apps For Barcelona

Popular Travel Apps For Barcelona
Written by Allison

The main reason why travel apps have become increasingly popular is because they can help to solve problems. However with so many apps now available choosing which ones to use can prove quite challenging. In this article I offer up 5 best travel apps for Barcelona trip you may be going on in the very near future.

App 1 – WeatherPro

Weather Pro AppThis is very intuitive and is able to offer up weather reports for more than 2 million locations around the world. If you want to make sure that you don’t get caught out by an unforeseen shower or two during your visit to Barcelona this autumn, then this is one app to download onto your phone.

App 2 – XE Currency

Along with being completely free to download it is also the easiest currency exchange app to use. The great thing about this particular app is that it uses live currency rates, so you know the information you receive is completely accurate. I would highly recommend you download this app before you head off to Barcelona, like 5 million others have.

App 3 – Packing Pro (iPhone)

Anyone who tells you that there is no exact science to packing hasn’t ever attempted to pack a pair of stilettos into a suitcase along with their treasured camera. All you need to do once you have this app downloaded is to tell it where you are going and how long for, and it will then create a list of what you may need. Takes the guess work out of deciding what to pack.

App 4 – Word Lens

At present, this particular app is only available to translating English to Spanish and vice versa. However, you will find that this device can prove a real aid when you need to translate say a menu or any other sign you come across as you explore Barcelona. Once you have held your iPhone up to the words printed in front of you, unfortunately, it doesn’t work when the words have been hand written, it translates these words into English in a matter of seconds. You have a choice you can either download the free version or you can spend $9.99 to purchase the apps translation pack instead.

App 5 – TravelSafe Pro

This could prove to be a life-saving device as it contains a database of the emergency service numbers for just about every country you are likely to visit including Spain. Plus if during your visit to Barcelona your passport should be lost or stolen this device has details for your country’s embassy within it. It even allows you to pin particular services (police, fire or ambulance) as a widget on your phone’s home screen, allowing you immediate access to them if needed.

About the author


Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain her home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Barcelona has to offer.

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