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Best Websites For Job Hunting in Barcelona

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Written by Paula

It isn’t difficult to find a job in Barcelona if you learn how to look in the right places. Sure, there is a lot of competition, but if you develop a method and do your work on a daily basis when job hunting in Barcelona, you will start receiving calls for interviews in no time.

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How to find a job in Barcelona Spain

First and foremost

All the job hunting websites will ask you for a resume, so be sure yours is updated. All resumes should include a current picture on the right upper corner, name, phone number and e-mail address.

Some people also choose to include their home address. You can simply write “Barcelona” and your postal code.

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Your resume should be in the same language than the job you are applying to. If you have to translate your resume to a different language, make sure you have a native speaker proofread it for you.

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Job hunting websites can divided into three categories:

  • general
  • expats 
  • temporary
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Good job search websites for Barcelona – general websites

Infojobs is the most famous job search website in Barcelona. Here you can find jobs in several categories such as education, administration, customer service, finance, engineering, construction, retail, human resources, tourism, and sales.

Because of the data protection law, many companies are not accepting resumes that are handed in person anymore, directing you to Infojobs or the company’s website to apply.

Monster is another popular website for job searching in Barcelona where you can find jobs in logistics, call centers, distribution, accounting, quality control, work safety, health, marketing, production among others.

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You can use the advanced search tool to determine if you are looking for a full time or part time position, the sector, category and date the ad was published. There are many offers on this website that cannot be found in Infojobs.

Among other websites for general job hunting, there’s also Jobsora, which is a portal specialized in offering relevant vacancies of all types throughout Spain.

Currently, it has more than thousands of jobs in the country. Besides, it receives daily news of job offers from more than 250 advertisers.

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Expats and job hunting websites

Just Landed: This website offers information for people who are moving to Spain. The job ads are posted in English, offering work in various languages.

Xpatjobs is another website that offers jobs in different languages, offering also tips on how to improve your resume and articles explaining the process involving work permits.

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Temporary job offers in Barcelona Spain

Temporary job agencies are known in Spain as ETT (Empresa de Trabajo Temporal). There are different companies specializing in different sectors and even branches of the same company that only hire for specific categories.

The main ETTs in Barcelona are: 

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Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.


  • Awesome stuff. Also, in order to find a job more easily, you can always join a bootcamp as they have lots of industry contacts. They help you with your portfolio and to get placement.

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