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Book Publishers in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

Barcelona is all about the arts, including literature. Following in the footsteps of legendary Spanish authors such as Cervantes, Frederico Lorca, Joan Maragall, and Camilo José Cela, the many aspiring Spanish writers of today dream of getting their work published. In Barcelona, there are several publishing companies and independent labels specializing in genres ranging from fiction to history and specialized topics. If you have a great idea for a book or a manuscript ready to go, here are a few places where you can publish a book in Barcelona.

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Viena Editions

Photo via Pixabay

Viena Edicions was established in 1991 as an independent publishing and editorial house in Barcelona. They mainly publish books in Catalan and Spanish within various subject areas including art, photography, non-fiction, cooking, history, and travel, as well as reprint editions of older books in the Catalan language. You can submit an original manuscript to them for a chance to be published. Viena also works on publishing corporate and prestigious books, gift books, and yearbooks. They offer special management of the entire project, including translation, graphic design, layout, and distribution.

Address: Carrer de Viladomat 122, 08015 Barcelona


Photo by Next Nature via Visualhunt

Actar is a Barcelona and New York-based company specializing in books on architecture, graphic design, and contemporary art. They focus on the work of established and emerging artists, photographers, and writers. Actar publishes their catalog of books all over the world, and in 2015, Actar established a new digital platform called urbanNext to build up and expand architecture and design practices to every major city. Currently, they are developing new tools for global distribution of new proposals and new goals to expand on their architecture section.

Address: Carrer Roca i Batlle, 2, 08023 Barcelona


Photo by Paul Braverman via Visualhunt

GEDISA is an independent non-fiction publisher that was founded in 1977. They have published books on a wide range of topics including philosophy, psychology, personal improvement, business, economics, and media studies. They’ve also published books from historical authors including Sigmund Freud, Noam Chomsky, Michel Foucault, Umberto Eco, and Hannah Arendt. Gedisa has all the resources to publish any book nationally or internationally in print or digital version.

Address: Avenida del Tibidabo, 12, 08022 Barcelona

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Alba Editorial, S.L.

Photo by Merixon via Visualhunt

Founded in 1993, Alba Editorial is a literary editorial house that handles finely produced classical and contemporary novels and both fiction and non-fiction stories. Published authors include Rudyard Kipling, Edith Wharton, Sylvia Plath, and Daphne du Maurier. They’ve also expanded their publishing house to kids’ books and sell their books directly online. Alba is the perfect company for those interested in publishing a fictional work and is open to newcomers, offering literary agents every year.

Address: Baixada de Sant Miquel, 1, 08002 Barcelona

There are several publishing companies in Barcelona, each with their own specialty in different subject matters. In a city with a long literary history, these companies do their part to promote the best of Spanish literature among today’s readers. Interested in publishing more than just the classics, however, they are always looking for the unique ideas of new writers in the city.

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