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Cool independent businesses in Barcelona

Written by Paula

Walking the streets of Barcelona you are sure to find a number of brand-name stores, like H&M, Sephora, Zara and the fancier brands like Louis Vuitton, Max Mara and Dior. But if you want to discover items that have a unique character, you need to explore some of the coolest independent businesses in Barcelona.

Lori Barcelona

shop barcelonaIf you appreciate unique items, you should get to know Lori Barcelona. This independent brand designs handmade backpacks, handbags, wallets, tote bags and purses for kids and adults. Each one of Lori Barcelona’s products have beautiful colors and patterns that will make you smile every time you use them.

Potions BCN

Potions BCN is a brand that was created in 2014, born out of the creators’ desire to offer natural, cruelty-free beauty projects that would not only pamper the body, but would also be appealing to the eye. Today, Potions BCN sells soaps, aromatic candles, hair care products, therapeutic oils, lib balms, scrubs, ironing waters and pillow mists, all of them in beautiful, nostalgia-inducing packages. Part of Potions BCN’s profits goes to Santuario Gaia, a farm animal shelter.

Romina Gris

Romina Gris is a ceramics brand created by, you guessed it, Romina Gris. Romina is a talented interior designer who decided to expand her talents by starting to sell her own ceramic creations. The result is a variety of colorful pieces, and a number of collections like Pollock, Color City, Dazzle Yellow, and Velvet.

Judy Kaufmann

Judy Kaufmann is a talented illustrator that collaborates with such brands as Oxfam and Google UK, having had her work showcased in a variety of publications. You can explore and purchase Kauffman’s creations at

Pompilio Plants

Pompilio Plants was born out of the love its creator has for plants. Wanting to bring joy to people’s home, the artist has created a variety of ceramic vases with funny, friendly faces, which are sold with cacti already in them.

La Principal Retro & Co

La Principal Retro & Co is a retro and vintage fashion store located in the neighborhood of El Raval. The store sells clothing from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and some pieces from young new designers. At La Principal Retro & Co, you can also find art pieces by students, aficionados and artists, who showcase their work at the store.


shop bcnDarabil is a brand of artisan-made hats and hair accessories that can be used in special occasions or for movies and plays. The talented artist behind each piece is part of a special organization/store/workshop in Gracia called Oslo Barcelona, a place that sells a variety of handmade products. Darabil’s products are absolutely gorgeous, perfect for those who like their accessories to be statement pieces.

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