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The weather in Barcelona

The weather in Barcelona
Written by Paula


weather barcelonaDuring the months of March, April and May, the minimum average is of 12oC/53oF and the maximum of 16oC/60oF. There are longer hours of sunshine and the weather starts warming up. Some days are sunny, while others are grey, so you should always be prepared. That means wearing lighter clothes, but always having something warm with you that you can put on or take off, according to the temperature variation. There may rainy days, but luckily, Barcelona is a city where it rains very little, so if you pay a visit to Barcelona during the Spring, it s unlikely that it will be raining during your entire stay here.

If we want to talk about colors, Spring fashion is always a breath of fresh air after a two long seasons of boring dark colors. Spring is a time for light tones, greens, pinks, blues, pastels, and the store fronts reflect that.


June, July and August are the Summer months in Spain, and while June can be a pleasant month with very tolerable heat, July and August will make you consider carrying an extra t-shirt with you, due to the amount of sweat you will produce. You may think this is an exaggeration, since the average temperature is usually situated between 29oC/84.2oC and 33oC/91.4oF, but you should consider that the humidity factor adds to the heat, causing thermal sensations that are some degrees higher.

For men, t-shirts and shorts is the perfect combination during summer. Avoid polo shirts, whose thicker fabric will cause excessive sweating. Women can wear long skirts and t-shirts in the beginning of Summer, but it won’t take long for them to want to change to strapless tops and short bottoms, to allow the skin to breathe as much as possible.

Note: No matter how hot it is, don’t wear your bathing suit when walking around the city. It is considered tacky and disrespectful.


September is a nice month in Barcelona, when temperatures slowly start reducing. The month’s average is of 24oC/75.2oF, and October’s is 24oC/75.2oC. During most of the month of September you can still wear t-shirts with light jackets or jerseys.

Though October’s temperature may not seem that different from September’s, take into account that the days start becoming shorter in October, which means there are fewer hours of sun. You may want to start wearing slightly thicker clothes and a jacket over your jersey. This is definitely the month to start wearing jeans and warmer pants. Sometimes you may need a scarf.

November’s average drops 10oC/18oF, with days becoming dark at around 6 p.m.  Start unpacking your winter clothing because November will require you to wear thicker sweaters, boots, scarves and maybe even gloves.

Like the leaves turning, the clothes start changing their colors to darker tones that will last until the following spring.

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weather barcelonaThough it barely rains during the winter in Barcelona, the temperatures can get really low with minimum temperatures that can go as low as 7oC/44.6oF.

Winter is winter, so wear the thickets sweaters, boots, gloves, scarves and beanies. You may have to remove most of them when going indoors, since most of the businesses are air conditioned, but you want to make sure you remain war enough when walking outside.  

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