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Talent Agencies For a Modeling Job in Barcelona (or Acting Job)

If you are planning to start building your reputation as a model or an artist, Barcelona is the city for you!

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Fashion, cinema and TV production are strong in this area of Spain, making it a great place to either start or enhance someone’s career. ShBarcelona has created a list of the top talent agencies in Barcelona so that you can start doing some research about them and start working on your dream.

However, there are some important things you should know before applying for a job or going to a casting.

How to start your modeling or acting career in Barcelona

Talent agencies

Two organizations in Barcelona provide support and solutions to help artists building their careers and meeting the right people.

The first one, the Associació d’Actors i Directors Professionals de Catalunya (AADPC), was born in 1981. It brings together actors, actresses, and directors who work in Catalonia.

model looking in camera

Photo via Visualhunt

Its purpose is to ensure the improvement of working conditions, protect its members and stimulate contacts between professionals of the industry.

The Unión de Actores y Actrices (UDA) is a professional and independent organization that stands up for the rights of its members.

Casting directors would contact the Unión when looking for actors for the production of a film or TV movie. The Unión manages a directory of all the actors and actresses members.

This organization provides them with legal aid and offers regular training and courses to improve their skills.

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Modeling agencies

Barcelona is full of modeling agencies. They are always looking for new faces! Most of the models and actors agencies based in Barcelona have significant experience in the field of advertising and brand image.

woman in yellow flowers

Photo via Pixabay

Do not hesitate to send them your book including professional pictures and measures (height, weight, waist etc…). Check to have an idea of what the industry is looking for at the moment. They feature a ranking of trending models, per gender and per agency.

The following modeling agencies are some of the most famous in Barcelona:

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models in dressing room

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Our Advice

Being under the spotlights is obviously very tempting but be aware of unscrupulous agencies that might just want to rip you off. Here are some things to have in mind:

  • A casting call in Barcelona must always be free of charge
  • A professional acting or model agency in Spain must always be registered (double check with AADPC or UDA before working for any of them)
  • Do not give out your bank details or ID before making sure the agency is legitimate

Ready? Now strike a pose!

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About the author

Mae-Lise De Sousa

Barcelona is Maé-Lise's favorite city in all of Europe. Her articles in ShBarcelona share her journey through the Catalan capital.


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  • How can we apply to be a model?
    and if you don’t know anything about modeling how can you be a model?

  • I’m from kenya in Barcelona and want to be an actor or a model can someone help me how to go about it ? I’m willing to learn

    • Hello Laura,
      Please contact one or more agencies from the blog article directly.

  • Iam deliwe and i really want to be an actress but who to contact is the problem..
    Please do u know any legit talent agency in spain where i can start my career …

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